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Whether you’re a skincare devotee or a beauty newbie, aside from a good daily skin care regimen, a great way to rejuvenate your skin is with laser treatments. From celebrities to beauty bloggers, many in-the-know gals (who have gorgeous skin) get laser skincare treatments. 

To personally prove how effective laser skincare treatments can be, I’m excited to announce a new 4-part skincare series from Inspirations & Celebrations called “Face First Laser Skincare Series”

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Part 1 - The Benefits of Laser Skincare

Face First Laser Skincare Series: The Guide To Laser Skincare 

In collaboration with Stacy Strength Rohrbough (Co-owner of Face First Laser Clinic in Monterey, California), over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing information, tips, and my before-and-after photos from laser skincare treatments. In Part 1, Stacy provides an overview of the most popular laser skincare treatments, the benefits of doing laser sessions, and the reasons why she is using the RevLite laser machine on my skin.

Part 1: The Benefits of Laser Skincare Treatments

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Part 1 - The Benefits of Laser Skincare

Why I’m Choosing Laser Skincare Treatments

While I use daily skincare essentials (like cleansers, sunscreen, a Vitamin C serum, and Retinol), I’ve recently decided to ramp up my skincare efforts. That’s why I’m choosing to do laser skincare treatments. My goals include improving my skin texture, minimizing pore visibility, and reducing sun damage signs and acne scars. 

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Part 1 - The Benefits of Laser Skincare

Which Laser Skincare Treatments are popular right now?

Stacy explains that “there are several different skin rejuvenation lasers for different skin concerns and needs. There are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) lasers for hyperpigmentation, Laser Genesis 1064 Laser for rosacea and collagen production, Titan and Ultherapy for skin tightening and RevLite (what we’re using on Christina) for hyperpigmentation and collagen production. We can even use it to help decrease melasma and acne.”

How do Laser Skincare Treatments work?

Stacy says that laser skincare treatments “work by causing micro-injuries in the skin which makes your skin respond by producing collagen. I explain this to people by using the analogy of working out and building muscle.”

As reported by Cosmopolitan magazine, “Collagen is crucial to supple skin. The wrinkle-preventing protein that naturally occurs in our bodies keeps skin plump and youthful. Responsible for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, it’s the skin’s structural net, which makes it resilient, strong and elastic.”

As we age, our collagen-production naturally slows-down. That’s why laser skincare treatments can be helpful, as they boost our skin’s ability to produce more collagen, resulting in a more youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Part 1 - The Benefits of Laser Skincare

What are the benefits of the RevLite Laser?

“The RevLite Laser is one of the only lasers for ‘date of event’, meaning that you can have the laser done and go to an event that night without any downtime. After having the laser session, the redness usually goes away within 30 minutes. This laser is also nice because we can pretty much use it on all skin types and ethnicities.” 

Having researched more about this machine, I learned that “the high-powered RevLite SI treats everything from pigmented lesions to fine lines and wrinkles, and colorful tattoos.” It utilizes a multi-wavelength system to provide non-ablative skin resurfacing, acne scar and wrinkle reduction, and the treatment of skin discoloration. Over the course of several sessions, the appearance and texture of the skin continue to improve. The result is brighter, more youthful skin, with fewer visible imperfections. 

How much does each laser skincare session cost?

The cost per session is $300.

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Part 1 - The Benefits of Laser Skincare

How to follow the Face First Laser Skincare Series

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If you live in or visit the Monterey Bay area, Face First Laser Clinic is offering I&C readers 20% off any skin rejuvenation laser (excluding Ultherapy). To book a consultation or treatment, contact Face First Laser Clinic and mention Inspirations & Celebrations.

For more beauty tips and advice, check out the Skincare section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

Beauty Contributor: Stacy Strength Rohrbough

Contributor Stacy Strength Rohrbough

A graduate of California State University, Fresno, Stacy Strength Rohrbough is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner of Family Practice and Aesthetics. She served many years as an emergency room nurse at Kaiser, Kaweah Delta and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in California. After 11 years, Stacy left to pursue her love of aesthetic medicine on a full-time basis. She is Co-Owner of Face First Laser Clinic – a boutique medical aesthetics practice that has evolved into a successful anti-aging medical practice located in Monterey, CA. She has received extensive training in Medical Aesthetics through Allergan, Medicis, Merz, Nova Thread, and Cynosure. She is certified in basic and advanced techniques by Aesthetic Advancements and Duet. As a beauty contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Stacy shares information about skincare and esthetic treatments. 

[Disclosure: Complimentary treatments provided for the purpose of this series. All opinions are my own.]

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