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Laser treatments have been around for years, doing everything from hair removal to tattoo removal. In recent years, the rise of laser skincare treatments has been growing rapidly. It seems like everywhere we look, beauty editors, bloggers, and celebrities are raving about laser skin care treatments. Since I’m always eager to discover the latest and greatest beauty treatments, I plunged head-first into the laser skincare pool recently. 

To share my findings with you, a few weeks ago, Inspirations & Celebrations started a new 4-part beauty series called the “Face First Laser Skincare Series”. In Part 1, we shared the benefits of laser skin care treatments and how they work. In Part 2, learn what to expect and how to prepare for these treatments.

Face First Laser Skincare Series - What To Expect & How To Prepare

Face First Laser Skincare Series: The Guide To Laser Skincare 

In collaboration with Stacy Strength Rohrbough (Co-owner of Face First Laser Clinic in Monterey, California), over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing information, tips, and my before-and-after photos from laser skincare treatments. 

Part 2: What To Expect & How To Prepare

Face First Laser Skincare Series - What To Expect & How To Prepare

How To Prepare

Stop using any Retin A/Retinol products 3-days prior to your laser skin care treatment. After the laser treatment, hold off on using Retinol, Glycolic, or other acid-based products for 3-days. You can then resume your normal skincare regimen.

Arrive at the laser skin care clinic with cleansed skin. Prior to starting the treatment, your practitioner will put safety goggles over your eyes. The treatment lasts about 30-60 minutes. 

What It Feels Like

The laser treatment is slightly uncomfortable but doesn’t actually hurt. While I tend to have a high pain threshold, the sensation was significantly more comfortable than expected. It feels like a warm electrical current hitting the skin – kind of like a shock from static electricity. Not painful, but still noticeable. 

Face First Laser Skincare Series - What To Expect & How To Prepare

What Happens After The Treatment
Stacy says, “What someone can expect to see or feel the first day, the day after, and the following week – their skin will “glow” a couple days after. Some people can break out from the laser, but it’s a small percentage.”
She recommends that after a laser treatment, you “use a gentle cleanser, but any regularly used skin care (with the exception of Retinols, glycolic and acids) can be used.”
How Often are Treatments Recommended
Stacy says, “I typically tell people to book sessions 4 weeks apart for the first 3 treatments, and then they can come in every 3 to 6 months for maintenance.”

Face First Laser Skincare Series - What To Expect & How To Prepare

Progress Update: Since starting my laser skin care treatments in December, I’ve had two sessions thus far.

The day (and week) following each treatment I notice that my skin has a nearly air-brushed quality to it. It looks especially dewy, more youthful and radiant.

Makeup goes on more smoothly and pores look smaller. Plus, freckles and hyperpigmentation are less apparent. 

Where I find the most discernable differences is in my recent photos. Whenever I enlarge the high-resolution photos on a large computer screen, I can see that my pores and fine lines are less visible. Overall, since starting the laser treatments, my skin has had a more refreshed appearance. 

Face First Laser Skincare Series - What To Expect & How To Prepare

How to follow the Face First Laser Skincare Series

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If you live in or visit the Monterey Bay area, Face First Laser Clinic is offering I&C readers 20% off any skin rejuvenation laser (excluding Ultherapy). To book a consultation or treatment, contact Face First Laser Clinic and mention Inspirations & Celebrations.

For more beauty tips and advice, check out the Skincare section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

Beauty Contributor: Stacy Strength Rohrbough

Contributor Stacy Strength Rohrbough

A graduate of California State University, Fresno, Stacy Strength Rohrbough is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner of Family Practice and Aesthetics. She served many years as an emergency room nurse at Kaiser, Kaweah Delta and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in California. After 11 years, Stacy left to pursue her love of aesthetic medicine on a full-time basis. She is Co-Owner of Face First Laser Clinic – a boutique medical aesthetics practice that has evolved into a successful anti-aging medical practice located in Monterey, CA. She has received extensive training in Medical Aesthetics through Allergan, Medicis, Merz, Nova Thread, and Cynosure. She is certified in basic and advanced techniques by Aesthetic Advancements and Duet. As a beauty contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Stacy shares information about skincare and esthetic treatments. 

[Disclosure: Complimentary treatments provided for the purpose of this series. All opinions are my own.]

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