One of the biggest beauty issues most people face is their skin. During our teen years, we’re often plagued with embarrassing breakouts; and then, as we move into our 30’s, we notice fine lines and wrinkles creeping in. When it comes to our skin, it can often feel like – if it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Progress Report & Skincare Tips

As a skincare devotee, I’ve used countless beauty products, been on prescription strength Retin-A (which only seemed to irritate my sensitive skin), and even went as far as taking Accutane (to combat acne during my teen years). Having consulted with everyone from estheticians to Dermatologists, you could say I’ve been determined to have gorgeous skin.

Throughout my journey into skincare, I’ve researched effective technologies that can help to erase imperfections, minimize flaws, and naturally boost the health and beauty of our skin. One approach I’ve been recently delving into is the use of laser skin care treatments.

To share my findings with you, several weeks ago, Inspirations & Celebrations started a new 4-part beauty series called the “Face First Laser Skincare Series”. In Part 1, we explained the benefits of laser skin care treatments and how they work. In Part 2, we taught you what to expect and how to prepare for these treatments. In Part 3, get an update on my progress (having done 3 treatments to date), and learn skincare tips from an expert.

Face First Laser Skincare Series: The Guide To Laser Skincare 

In collaboration with Stacy Strength Rohrbough (Co-owner of Face First Laser Clinic in Monterey, California), over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing information, tips, and my before-and-after photos from laser skincare treatments. 

Part 3: Progress Report & Skincare Tips

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Progress Report & Skincare Tips

Progress Report after 3 Monthly Treatments

Having done 3 monthly laser skincare treatments, I can honestly say that I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in the look and feel of my skin. My freckles and sun spots have lightened, my pores seem smaller and less visible (especially in photos), and even my hormonal breakouts have lessened. My skin has a fresher, more radiant appearance, and often looks naturally dewy (even without hydrating skincare or glow-boosting makeup). 

Every time I go in for a laser skin care treatment, my skin seems to get better. As Stacy says, laser skin care treatments are “like working out. The more you do it, the better you look.”

Face First Laser Skincare Series - Progress Report & Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips from The Pro:

For a great everyday skincare routine, Stacy recommends that “everyone be on a Retinol, Vitamin C, Polypeptide and SPF for daily skin care use to maintain healthy looking skin. Using a product with growth factors or stem cells is also a plus to increase natural collagen production.”

When asked how many laser skin care sessions are recommended (for optimal results) and what results can be expected after several sessions, she says, “They can expect to see tighter skin with smaller pores and a more even complexion.” She explains that monthly treatments are advisable (for the first 4-treatments); then you can taper off to going in every 3-4 months. The key is consistency – so you’ll want to keep up your laser skin care treatments once you start doing them. If you don’t, your skin will go back to looking like it did before you started. 

To learn more, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

How to follow the Face First Laser Skincare Series

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If you live in or visit the Monterey Bay area, Face First Laser Clinic is offering I&C readers 20% off any skin rejuvenation laser (excluding Ultherapy; this offer is valid through 12/31/19). To book a consultation or treatment, contact Face First Laser Clinic and mention Inspirations & Celebrations.

For more beauty tips and advice, check out the Skincare section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

Beauty Contributor: Stacy Strength Rohrbough

Contributor Stacy Strength Rohrbough

A graduate of California State University, Fresno, Stacy Strength Rohrbough is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner of Family Practice and Aesthetics. She served many years as an emergency room nurse at Kaiser, Kaweah Delta and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in California. After 11 years, Stacy left to pursue her love of aesthetic medicine on a full-time basis. She is Co-Owner of Face First Laser Clinic – a boutique medical aesthetics practice that has evolved into a successful anti-aging medical practice located in Monterey, CA. She has received extensive training in Medical Aesthetics through Allergan, Medicis, Merz, Nova Thread, and Cynosure. She is certified in basic and advanced techniques by Aesthetic Advancements and Duet. As a beauty contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Stacy shares information about skincare and esthetic treatments. 

[Disclosure: Complimentary treatments provided for the purpose of this series. All opinions are my own.]


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