If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of yourself, then reading inspiring books is a great way to start. When we stimulate our minds and encourage ourselves to think differently, we end up making positive changes in our lives. Whether you’re feeling motivated to set new goals or you want to explore new passions, here are 8 inspiring books that will help you manifest your dreams this year. 

8 Inspiring Books That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams This Year

From self-help and spirituality books to intellectual books that teach us how to become smarter and more successful, here are a few of my favorite books that keep me inspired.

8 Inspiring Books That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams This Year

In The Company of Women: Written by Grace Bonney, this book was a gift from one of my friends. I’ve always believed that a wise person carefully chooses who they surround themselves with. That’s why I choose to be in the company of women who inspire me. Filled with stories and interviews with 100 successful, talented, and brilliant women, this is a fabulous book that will surely inspire you to become the best woman you can be. Plus, it’s a wonderful coffee table book, as it’s a conversation starter when entertaining guests. 

You Are a Badass: Written by no-nonsense, straight-talking Jen Sincero, this “tell it like it is” book will inspire you to become stronger, smarter, and wiser. Not only does she encourage readers to believe in themselves (and stop doubting their greatness), she also shares funny personal stories that lend a humorous spin to each lesson. If you’re the type of gal who is afraid to say “no”, worries about what others think or feels like she needs a boost of confidence, then this is a must-read for you. After reading this inspiring book, you’ll feel like throwing on a leather jacket and showing the world what you’re really made of!

Personal Power Through Awareness: Whether you’re spiritual or non-religious, this soulful personal growth book is like a self-help Bible. While it leans toward the “new age” side of things, the way Sanaya Roman has written this book makes it easy to tap into your “higher power”, whether you’re a meditation guru or a novice. Plus, she shares helpful advice on how to stay grounded, deepen your connection with your “inner self”, and develop better communication tools that help interpersonal relationships.

8 Inspiring Books That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams This Year

I’ve Been Thinking: Written by Maria Shriver, this beautifully-written book was a gift from another friend who has always inspired me. As a well-educated, accomplished public figure, Shriver has not only made a name for herself as a leader and businesswoman, she’s also had to overcome public scrutiny of her personal life. In this book, she shares her words of wisdom and personal learning lessons, which gives us a bit more insight into the way she thinks. If you’re doing a little soul-searching or trying to find your higher purpose, this inspiring book will help set you in the right direction.

Think, Learn, Succeed: Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf, this book is great for any gal who is accomplishment-oriented, motivated to set and reach her goals, or is looking to launch her own business. Since our thoughts create the direction of our lives, it’s up to us to be mindful about what we think about. Do we limit ourselves or do we allow ourselves to imagine limitless possibilities? This inspiring book shares practical advice and techniques on how to shift our mindsets and improve our intellectual, mental, and emotional prowess. 

The Miracle Morning: If you struggle to get things done, wish you had more time in the day or dream about making your side-hustle a real business, then this inspiring book will help you. Proving the point that waking up earlier can help you become more productive, author Hal Elrod shares his inspiring true story (and lots of helpful tips) on how your morning routine can become the most important part of your day.

8 Inspiring Books That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams This Year

Judgment Detox: Have you been comparing yourself to others lately? Are you secretly (or not-so-secretly) criticizing people you know (or for that matter- hating on the people you follow on Instagram)? If the answer is yes, you might benefit from a judgment detox. Written by famed self-help author and speaker, Gabrielle Bernstein, this inspiring book shares her true story about how she’s worked to overcome her own internal critic. This book shares practical tips and helpful advice on ways to overcome judgment, release negative habits and patterns, and become your best (and happiest) self.

52 Lists for Happiness: Last, but certainly not least, is an inspiring book and journal that will help you find happiness. Author Moorea Seal has created this book as a tool to help you learn different ways to bring joy and positivity into your life. This delightful book is filled with mood-boosting prompts that will get you thinking and feeling differently. If you’re looking to live a happy, inspired life, this book will surely help you along the way.

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