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If you’re anything like us, you love buying new technology (like iPhones, tablets, and smartwatches). But as easy as it is to acquire new tech toys, we often face the challenge of figuring out what to do with our old, unwanted devices. Fortunately, we’ve learned about a simple solution helps you Spring clean your home and office while paying you money to trade-in your old tech products. 

 The Eco-Friendly Way To Earn Money with Trademore

What is Trademore?

Trademore makes it fast and easy for you to earn money by doing a simple trade-in on your used smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Plus, with this online trade-in program, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re being eco-friendly, as you’ll no longer toss your old or unwanted technology in the trash. Not to mention – you can finally clean out your drawers by getting rid of old tech products that you no longer use.

The Eco-Friendly Way To Earn Money with Trademore

Why Trademore Makes Life Easier

Thanks to this easy-to-use online system, you can say goodbye to those frustrating online buyers who haggle you on pricing for a “good deal”. You can avoid the stress of taking photos and listing your items on auction sites. And forget about the hassle of hosting a yard sale (just to get rid of a few unwanted belongings).

It’s time to get smart! Just Spring clean your home and office by trading-in your old technology on Trademore. 

The Eco-Friendly Way To Earn Money with Trademore

How Does Trademore Work?

  1. Create a FREE account on Trademore.
  2. Search for the device you want to trade-in (such as an iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch)
  3. Select your device’s carrier, color, capacity, and condition. If you’re trading-in a watch (as shown here), you’ll also be required to select your watch size, watch type, band color, and band type.
  4. Once you have made all the required selections, click “Continue To Offer”.
  5. The system will give you an offer for your item. To proceed, click “Continue To Checkout”. 
  6. The Trademore team will send you a pre-paid return label, packaging, and shipping box. When you receive these packaging materials, simply put your item in the box and send back. 
  7. Upon receipt and inspection of your item, you will be notified by Trademore that your item was received and payment will be sent electronically to you. It’s that easy!

 The Eco-Friendly Way To Earn Money with Trademore

Does Trademore Offer More Money?

The company prides itself on providing substantially higher payouts on trade-ins. For example, if you sell an iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB on Trademore, you can expect to receive $356 (versus $325 from their competitor). In addition, they offer competitive prices on a number of different technology products (such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables).

 The Eco-Friendly Way To Earn Money with Trademore

If you want to Spring clean your life this season, start by trading-in your old tech toys on Trademore. For more money-making and technology tips, check out the Career section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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