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When life gets busy, our natural reaction is to stress out and work harder. With increased demands and responsibilities, our anxiety levels often spike. Despite facing looming deadlines and growing to-do lists, as contradictory as it may seem – that’s usually the cue to slow down and create “me time”.

While that elusive sense of “balance” is something that most women struggle to find, if we only realized how important this quality time with ourselves was, we’d start to understand how beneficial a little down time can be. From busy work lives to demanding home lives, it often seems challenging to carve out even an hour a day to have “me time”. 

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Creating Me Time When Life Gets Busy

Why Creating “Me Time” is Important

As women, we often feel selfish for taking the time to focus on our selves. But, in order to give our energy to everyone and everything we care about, we have to first start by taking time to get centered and harness our energy.

In quiet moments alone, we can reflect on our thoughts, release any emotions, and get centered. In addition, when we create “me time”, we end up feeling more relaxed and upbeat because we’re nurturing our inner selves. Plus, our improved mood and attitude helps us become better companions, family members, colleagues, and friends as a result.

Figuring out when and how to create “me time” is a personal decision. Since each day might differ, carving out “me time” isn’t always predictable. Some days you might need an hour alone; whereas other days, you might want to cuddle up with a book and stay home that night. Just follow your intuition – it will tell you how much “me time” you need.

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Creating Me Time When Life Gets Busy

Simple Ways To Enjoy “Me Time”

Whether you take a walk through the woods, sit quietly in a beautiful garden, listen to music, or just go out for a bite by yourself, creating “me time” has more mental and emotional benefits than you can imagine. 

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Creating Me Time When Life Gets Busy

Taking time each day to relax and unwind can boost your immunity, improve concentration and productivity, and stimulate creativity. Our minds and bodies need quiet time, especially when life gets busier or more stressful.

By meditating or spending quality time alone, you will feel more calm, grounded, and capable as a result. Not only will creating “me time” help you handle stress-inducing situations better, it will also remind you to do daily self-care.

How do you enjoy “Me Time”?  

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