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Whether you live in a stately house or a cozy apartment, choosing the right type of furnishings and accessories not only has a visual impact on the appearance of your home, it also affects how you live and function in your dwelling. With Spring finally upon us, you might already be in the process of starting to tackle those “Spring Cleaning” projects. 

Space-Saving Storage Solutions

To help you find space-saving storage solutions that will enable you to keep your home orderly and tidy, today’s home organization guide features expert advice from professional organizers.

Tip # 1: Install Floating Shelves

When it comes to living rooms, if you don’t have a built-in bookcase or shelving, a clean and modern way to display your belongings is to install floating shelves (as shown below). Not only do these types of shelves have a minimalist appearance, they also enable you to create an accent wall behind them using bold wallpaper or a vibrant hued paint color, which adds drama to your living space. You can also install dimmable lighting strips (that can be remotely-operated and change color) under the floating shelves for added ambiance and mood lighting. Plus, these space-saving storage solutions don’t require excessive installation, which makes them an easy fix for renters or home-owners on a limited budget.

Space-Saving Storage Solutions To Keep Your Home Organized and Tidy

Tip # 2: Use A Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

If your living room has a lot of extra items (like blankets) or is tight on space, opt for a multi-purpose coffee table that can function as a table and provide added storage. A coffee table with a lift-top not only serves as a tray (for those nights when you eat in front of the television), it can also store away miscellaneous items when the lid is closed. Another idea is to find a coffee table with built-in drawers or even use a vintage trunk

Space-Saving Storage Solutions To Keep Your Home Organized and Tidy

Tip # 3: Keep Your Bedroom Clean & Clutter-Free

One of the best ways to create a soothing and tranquil bedroom is to keep it clean and clutter-free. That means, you can’t have lots of decorative accessories scattered around the room, and definitely no piles of clothes sitting on a chair. Instead, opt to store just the basic necessities  (like a few good books) in a nightstand next to the bed, and only have a couple peaceful focal points (like a pretty lamp and vase of flowers) on top of the drawers.

Sandra Sokol of Closets by Design, a national home storage and organization company based in Nashville says, “At least once a year, you should give your closet a complete cleaning. Wash or vacuum the floor and dust the shelving and walls of your closet so your space is clean. After the closet is dust bunny-free, efficiently store your summer clothes away for the season in clear containers while also re-organizing the space to make room for bulky sweaters, coats, and boots. Consider adding multiple tension rods at different heights and install hooks to utilize vertical space.”

Space-Saving Storage Solutions To Keep Your Home Organized and Tidy

Tip # 4: Use Attractive Storage Containers

If you have a lot of accessories (like jewelry, hair ornaments, or scarves), a great option for space-saving storage solutions is to buy attractive containers. From printed cloth containers to woven baskets, storage containers not only keep your belongings organized (and out-of-sight), they also add a decorative accent to your space.

Alison Kero, a professional organizer and the owner of ACK Organizing in New York City suggests that, “If you buy anything to help you get organized, whether it’s a new dresser or a new filing cabinet- make sure that not only does it look great but that it functions the way you need it to. Often we either buy because we like the looks and then find out it doesn’t function how we need it to or vice versa. When you merge both when making your choices, you make the most out of your purchase and can enjoy and use it for a long time.”

Space-Saving Storage Solutions To Keep Your Home Organized and Tidy

As Heather Walker, CEO of Functional Spaces Organizing in San Rafael, California reminds us,  “There is no doubt – organizing yourself and your space is work. But the hardest part is not sorting through the stuff itself… it is getting started. Standing in an overstuffed closet or among a debilitating pile of paperwork is enough to make anyone turn and run. So, to get started, set small, attainable goals for organizing. Breakdown large projects into smaller pieces and tackle them one by one. The most effective way to get organized is simply to start small.   

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