Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

From San Francisco to New York City, living in desirable, expensive areas means that space comes at a premium. For those who don’t have the budget to buy or rent a large, lofty home or apartment, it means they’ll have to make the most of the limited space they can afford.

Fortunately, there are simple storage solutions for small spaces that help keep your belongings tidy and organized, while adding decorative touches that make any small home look more beautiful.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Featured in this home organization guide are easy, affordable storage ideas that instantly add grandeur and glamour, while keeping your prized possessions organized and protected.

Decorative Storage Boxes

Aside from adding visual interest to any closet or room, decorative storage boxes are an affordable, easy solution for storing belongings and keeping items organized and out of sight. In addition, storage boxes can be stacked on top of each other, which maximizes your storage capabilities without encroaching upon your space.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage boxes are also ideal for housing books, memorabilia, photos, and other miscellaneous items. When organizing a small space, think vertically. A multi-tiered stand (like the wood furniture shown below) is slim enough to fit up against a wall without taking up valuable floor space, while the tiers enable you to put storage boxes or other decorative items on them, which helps you stay organized.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Over-The-Door Shoe Racks

If you’re like most women, you love buying new shoes. The problem comes into play when you have no where to store and display them. This often leads to an unsightly pile of shoes on your closet floor, which ultimately can damage your shoes, in addition to being a mess to clean up.

If your closet is tight on space, opt for an over-the-door shoe rack. These easy-to-install shoe racks can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes, and simply hang on the backside of your closet door (so they aren’t visible unless the door is open). Plus, it helps you quickly get dressed in the morning, since your shoes are proudly on display and organized.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Jewelry Stands

Do you collect jewelry? Then why not proudly display your beautiful pieces, while keeping them neatly organized on a multi-tiered jewelry stand?! You can easily sort your jewelry by color or style (as shown below, the gold rings are separated from the rings with colorful gemstones), making it easy to find your jewelry in the mornings. In addition, instead of opting for traditional jewelry boxes, these jewelry stands add a glamorous, decorative touch to your space.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Necklace Trees

If you own several necklaces and often find that they get all tangled up, display them on a necklace tree. The hooks enable you to sort and separate the necklaces by length or style, while preventing them from getting tangled. Plus, necklace trees take up very little space on your shelf or vanity, so they’re perfect for small spaces.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Magazine Racks

If you enjoy reading magazines, but dislike having them all over your coffee table, keep them tidy and out-of-sight by storing them in a magazine rack. From sleek, contemporary versions to feminine, vintage-inspired styles, there are a variety of magazine rack types on the market that complement different decor themes.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


One of the best ways to conserve on space while organizing your belongings is to make use of valuable wall space. Installing shelves (wether wall-mounted or via a floor-display unit) is an easy, affordable way to keep your things neatly organized without taking up much space in your home.

Home Organization Guide Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

As you can see, there are several easy storage solutions for small spaces that don’t cost a fortune, add a decorative element to your home, and keep your belongings tidy and organized. How’s that for simple?!

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  1. When I move into my next apartment I plan on getting some of those decorative boxes. They are so affordable and super pretty and make your room look nice. Thank you for this reminder!

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