Now that the weekend is here, your head is probably spinning with excitement about what to do this weekend. To make the most of the weekend and to boost your sense of happiness, here are 10 fun things to do this weekend (that will get you off the couch and away from the television).

Things To Do This Weekend

From relaxing spa days and yoga classes to creative projects (like painting lessons) and cultural events, these weekend activities will surely inspire you to enjoy your time this weekend and have fun in the process.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Go Exploring

Go Exploring The Great Outdoors

Now that Spring is upon us, it’s a great time to go explore the great outdoors. From hiking in the mountains to walking in the forest, spending quality time in nature not only reconnects you to the Earth, it also helps you find inner peace, clarity, and a sense of well-being. Grab a friend, put on your hiking gear, and pick a trail this weekend to go explore. 

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Cook New Recipes

Learn a New Recipe

From cookbooks to cooking television shows, learning a new recipe not only stimulates your mind, it helps you diversify the types of meals you prepare (and eat) in your daily life. Whether you’re looking to expand your repertoire or just interested to learn new cooking techniques, trying new recipes is a productive and fun way to enjoy the weekend.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Get A Makeover

Get a Makeover

A great way to feel happier this weekend is to get a makeover. To try the newest Spring beauty trends, head to a nearby retailer (like Nordstrom or Sephora) to get a makeover. Not only will their makeup artists and beauty pros show you the newest beauty products that just arrived in-store, they’ll also teach you how to apply makeup and do the latest trends (like strobing). Plus, right now Nordstrom is hosting the Spring Beauty Trend Event at all their stores nationwide, at which you’ll get the scoop on the newest trends and products, insider tips and tricks, skin care and fragrance consultations, free samples and exclusive gifts with purchase.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Attend a Cultural Event 

Attend a Cultural Event

With St. Patrick’s Day happening right now, all across the country, cultural events celebrating this festive holiday will be going on. Check out your local newspaper to find out when and where a cultural event in your community will be happening. From marching bands and live performances to traditional food and music, attending a cultural event is a fun way to enjoy the weekend and get involved in your community.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Get Creative

Do a Creative Project

From DIY projects (like terrarium building to wreath-making) to group lessons (like a painting class), doing a creative project not only invigorates your mind, it also encourages you to improve and expand your skill-sets. Plus, you can either do creative projects by yourself or with a group of people, making it a shared learning experience.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Go To The Farmers Market

Go to The Farmers Market

From fresh food and flowers to unique hand-made jewelry and gifts, if you want to get out and enjoy your local neighborhood this weekend, head to a nearby farmers market. A lot of farmers markets not only have stands run by small business owners (where you can speak first-hand with the owners, learning about their products and how they’re made), they also feature live music and entertainment, making them a great place to visit for a few hours.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Yoga Class

Take a Yoga or Pilates Class

One of the best ways to feel happier this weekend is to take a Yoga or Pilates class. Joining a group of people for a fitness class not only motivates you to strengthen and improve your body, it also energizes you by doing a group activity. Plus, when you workout, your brain naturally produces endorphins, leading you to feeling happier.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Read a New Book

Read a New Book

Another fun way to make the most of the weekend is to immerse yourself in a riveting story. Head to your nearby bookstore or visit Amazon to find a new book that will engross your mind and keep you interested for hours. From exciting fiction books to reflective self-help books, reading a new book stimulates your mind and helps to expand your horizons.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Host a Picnic

Host a Picnic

If you live in an area (like California) that is already starting to show early signs of Spring (like sunny, warm weather), then head outdoors and host a picnic. From tea sandwiches and fruit salads to refreshing beverages, hosting a picnic is a great way to enjoy the weekend with the people you love.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend To Make You Happier - Spa Day

Have a Spa Day

Last, but certainly not least, if you need a little R&R this weekend, one of the best things to do is to have a spa day. From toxin-releasing saunas to stress-relieving massage treatments, visiting a spa is not only relaxing, it also helps you focus on taking care of your body and well-being. When you take care of yourself, you feel better and happier, and you’re able to renew yourself before Monday. 

No matter what you do this weekend, make sure to enjoy your time and have fun. Cheers to a great weekend!


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