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If you’ve been feeling a sense of wanderlust lately, but are wondering how you could squeeze a getaway into your budget, then you’re in luck. Today’s travel guide shares 8 budget-friendly travel websites that will save you money on your next vacation.

Budget-Friendly Travel Websites

From international group tours and private boat rentals to luxury suites (at a fraction of the cost), these budget-friendly travel websites will enable you to easily and affordably hop on a plane this Spring without worrying about breaking the bank.

8 Budget-Friendly Travel Websites That Will Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

Antlos: This budget-friendly travel website is a peer-to-peer marketplace enabling travelers and sea lovers to book authentic and affordable boat vacations. Book directly from Skippers and customize your itinerary and tailor it to your needs. Considered as the ‘Airbnb of Sea’ , you can choose from a variety of different itineraries all around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, from island hopping in Greece, to fishing in the Balearics, a romantic boat tour in Venice, to beach finding in the Virgin Islands. Book the entire boat with friends and family, rent a private cabin for
yourself or share it with someone else. 

SmarTours: Considered one of the best ways to find a great vacation deal and save a lot of money is by taking a group tour. Tour operators have significant purchasing power, be it airfare, hotels, meals, etc. and by traveling in a group, you reduce costs per person. With a mission to provide high quality, exciting group tours to some of the most fascinating countries in the world at the lowest possible price, this travel tour operator has taken over 150,000 customers to 40 destinations/tours all over the world.

8 Budget-Friendly Travel Websites That Will Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

Suiteness: This budget-friendly travel website is the first and only booking engine dedicated to helping travelers gain access to the hotel industry’s most luxurious suites. The company was founded in 2014 and currently provides access to 17,000 luxury suites in Las Vegas, Miami and New York. The company is expanding its suite inventory rapidly in key markets across the U.S., enabling you to book luxury suites (at a fraction of the price) in a number of top destinations.

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals: If you’re open to booking a last-minute vacation, then you can save money on your accommodations by using this budget-friendly travel website. Last Minute Deals for rental accommodation are ideal for guests with flexible lifestyles and for property owners who want to maximize their rental income. Last Minute Deals generally apply to vacation rental accommodations to be used within the next 30 days. If you can travel on short notice, you will not only find more Last Minute Deals but also larger discounts. This website features deals from properties all over the world.

8 Budget-Friendly Travel Websites That Will Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

Vacatia: The new, easier way for families to book vacations (think: Airbnb but for resort rentals, all family-oriented). Led by former Starwood Hotels executive, Caroline Shin, Vacatia is focused solely on making it simpler and more comfortable for families to travel. If you’re planning to take your family somewhere for Spring Break, you’ll be interested to learn that 49% of resort residences searched on Vacatia cost less than comparable local hotel room(s), which is significant considering that the average family-of-four vacation tops $4,500 and more than 87% of families plan to travel this year. Plus, that doesn’t include the money-savings involved in having a fully-stocked kitchen. Discerning travelers are turning to B&Bs now more than ever for the personal attention they provide and one important tip for example, is to closely examine exactly what the room rate includes. B&Bs include homemade daily breakfasts in their rate – often these meals are multi-courses – easily reflecting a value of $25/person. Many also include extras like afternoon snacks, a complimentary wine hour, high-speed internet (this all varies by property) and more, which provides even more value. To help you find a budget-friendly B&B, this website enables you to easily search for properties across the country.

8 Budget-Friendly Travel Websites That Will Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

Sell A Timeshare: Travelers can save money in top resort destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas and Maui by staying in a resale timeshare with a full kitchen. Resale timeshares are usually the exact same as timeshares sold by a resort, but can be up to 50% less expensive because they are being sold and rented by owners, not resorts. Their full kitchens can save travelers on dining out costs as well.

iTourMobile App: The iTourMobile app connects people and places through digital themed adventures and tours, with more than 100 tours in over 45 cities worldwide. The budget-friendly travel app is a great way for people to plan a trip on a budget because it can find the best deals for a getaway, and help you plan your trip, as it uses GPS location services to show you activities around the city. 

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