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Designer Spotlight on Lauren Makk - Interior Designer and Co-Host of The FABLife

Today’s Designer Spotlight is on Lauren Makk, an Interior Designer, home décor, and real estate expert most recognized as the co-host and home life-stylist on ABC’s hit talk show, “FABLife“.

In addition to giving us the scoop on what it’s really like to have a career in television, Lauren also shares must-read tips on how to decorate your home on a budget. If you want to learn how to truly live the FABLife, check out the Inspirations & Celebrations’ exclusive interview with Lauren Makk featured below.

About Lauren Makk

With her homegirl-next-door charisma and relatable persona, it’s no wonder she’s struck a chord with millions of viewers across the country. Whether she’s gabbing decor trends on the FABLife with HGTV’s Design Expert, Scott McGillivray or The Property Brothers, or sharing inspiring ideas for refreshing the look of your home, Lauren Makk captivates audiences on a daily basis with her upbeat personality and home décor know-how.

Her signature approach to affordable luxury is what attracts her audience, but her willingness to share her life story about navigating the modern single life, her over 140 lb. weight loss journey, and subsequent healthier lifestyle is what captivates and motivates her loyal followers.

Designer Spotlight on Lauren Makk - Interior Designer and Co-Host of The FABLife

Being joining the “FABLife” team, Lauren Makk appeared and hosted the Emmy Award-Winning show, “Trading Spaces”, and the hit home renovation show “Drill Team” for A&E. Lauren Makk’s interior design expertise has cemented her role as co-host alongside famed model Chrissy Teigen, fashion industry veteran Joe Zee, and DIY YouTube sensation Leah Ashley, as they discuss all things “Fun and Beautiful!”

Q&A with Lauren Makk

CLP: How would you describe your design esthetic? What makes your style different than other interior designers?

LM: I would describe my design esthetic as “relaxed sophistication.” I design with my clients wants and needs in mind, and I really enjoy incorporating bright colors, and bold patterns into a classic and elegant space. Bold, bright, clean, and classic definitely sums up my style.

CLP: You refer to helping clients incorporate “affordable luxury” into their home decor. How would you define “affordable luxury”? 

LM: I define “affordable luxury” as maximizing any budget and creating a luxurious and live-able space. My philosophy is that you don’t need to go out and get new things to make a new space. I often suggest to my clients that we first “shop” in their own garage, basement, or even remix items from other rooms before actually spending one dime.

Designer Spotlight on Lauren Makk - Interior Designer and Co-Host of The FABLife

CLP: You’re originally from Oklahoma, but moved to Los Angeles to finish your design degree. Has living in SoCal influenced your design esthetic? If so, how?

LM: Yes. I take inspiration from the things around me, the people around me, current and historical events, and art. Architecture, for me, has always been the driving force (behind) my designs. And, with that being said, every region inspires a different style of design.

CLP: How did you transition into a career on television? What was the first experience you had doing a design project on TV?

LM: I actually answered a Craigslist ad! I was designing for a lead model home merchandising firm in L.A., and as the real estate bubble began to pop in late 2005, I turned to Craigslist to see what other design opportunities there were for me. That’s how I ended up auditioning and eventually landing “Trading Spaces.” Goes to show you that you never know what you will find online!

CLP: How do interior design projects on TV differ compared with real life projects? 

LM: The major difference is who you are pleasing. With on-camera projects, the client is thankful to receive (more than likely) anything that I give them. With real life projects, its not the camera lens that I’m pleasing, but instead, the client. Sometimes good design doesn’t translate properly through the camera. I’m happy if the clients happy!

Designer Spotlight on Lauren Makk - Interior Designer and Co-Host of The FABLife

CLP: What have been some of your most memorable moments being a Co-Host on FabLife? 

LM: I have to say first of all, having the opportunity to work with such a talented group of people has been life changing. My co-hosts are the best in the business! A few other memorable moments would be dressing up as Dolly Parton for our Halloween episode, then meeting her in real life! She is my idol! Also, cooking with George Forman was amazing. Kris Jenner was recently a guest on the show, and much unlike public perception, she was really kind and and tremendously smart. With all that being said, I get to learn new things every day, that’s the best takeaway!

CLP: If you only had $1000 to update your home, where would you shop for fab finds that add glamour and luxury (without costing a fortune)? What are the must-have items any stylish home should have?

LM: I would go straight to the hardware store to pick up some paint, new light bulbs, and some large house plants with big colorful pots. Some must-haves would be a good area rug to add some color and texture to your space. Indoor plants are also great, as they add vertical height and make a space instantly warm. I would also recommend some bold art and curtains to soften the space!

Designer Spotlight on Lauren Makk - Interior Designer and Co-Host of The FABLifeCLP: What are a few design trends this year that you love? How would you recommend people incorporate these trends into their homes, without dating their homes?

LM: I love mixed metals. It is easy to incorporate golds, bronzes, silvers, and rose golds into your home with accessories. I also love ethnic patterns like Aztec, African, South American, and Indian to add a touch of worldliness that will transcend temporary fads. The best part? You can incorporate them just about anywhere; pillows, throws, and even bedding. Last, but not least, high-tech products are a useful, trendy addition to your space that aren’t going to go out of style – ever. You can find great ways to incorporate technology into any space while making your life a little easier at the same time!

CLP: When it comes to designing a space, where do you find your inspiration? 

LM: Architecture! Architecture is the driving force for any design. I wouldn’t want to design a Cape Cod style interior on a modern home. It just wouldn’t fit! Inspiration also comes from the clients. How are they living in their space? What functionalities do they need?

CLP: If you were giving advice to an aspiring interior designer, what steps would you tell her to take to help her become successful? 

LM: Take as many opportunities as you can. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and realize they help you learn. Find new and innovative ways to advertise your business and get your name out there!

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[Images c/o Lauren Makk and ABC.]


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