The Interior Designers' Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring

In just a couple weeks, Spring will officially be here. To help you refresh and update your home for Spring, featured in today’s home decor guide are expert tips and inspiring ideas from celebrity interior designers and leading home experts.

Expert Tips on Updating Your Home for Spring

From simple decor changes that make a big statement to easy outdoor updates, these home decor tips will help you get your place ready for Spring in no time.

Interior Design Expert - Alice Chiu

Winner of Best of Houzz 2016 in Design, interior designer, Alice Chiu is the Principal of Miss Alice Design (in San Francisco, California). She works with clients to help them create their dream homes that reflect their personality, character, and style. She does everything from color consultations, space planning, furniture arrangements and selections, to window treatments, lighting, and artwork.

USE BRIGHT FLORALS: As a designer that often incorporates vibrant colors into her high-impact designs, she says, “an easy and affordable way to update your home for spring is to add colorful accents such as yellow throw pillows or vases in a floral pattern. Or, you can create your own botanical artwork and paint the frame in pinks, oranges, or blues.”

The Interior Designers Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring - Ways To Refresh Your Dining Room

Interior Design Expert - Anne Hepfer

Named one of the Top 25 Designers by Canadian House & Home Magazine, Anne Hepfer, Principal of Anne Hepfer Interior Designs, has been creating magnificent, editorial-worthy homes since the beginning of her career. She began her design career working under Daniel Romualdez on the homes of famed fashion designer, Tory Burch, which gave her a great start in the interior design field. She offers a fresh aesthetic, creating sophisticated and open spaces awash in light and lush with texture.

PAINT YOUR WOOD: She says, “there is a deep seated notion that many people inherit from their parents that one should never touch wood. I believe that there is a time (and a space) for dark wood, but I wouldn’t sacrifice light over keeping natural wood when you won’t be drawn to a dark room. Painted trim, wainscoting, coffered ceilings and staircases can be stunning and really open up an area to make the home your own.” As an example, she states, “if you have large windows, dark window panes can be incredible. Make some solid accent choices to really highlight and contrast a neutral room.”

The Interior Designers Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring - Living Room Tips


As the National Director of Social Media for Closet Factory, one of the authorities in the custom closet and storage industry since 1983, Dan Moyer, Jr. has been helping to educate people everywhere about the benefits of organizing their homes. Since “Spring means cleaning, from closets to craft rooms, what better way to eliminate the stress than by designing a custom storage system that fits the entire family?”

GET ORGANIZED: He says that “it starts in the mud room, where shelves and racks help keep shoes from building up in a pile on the floor. (In addition), we’ve seen a trend in parents designing custom closets for their kids’ rooms, incorporating elements like baskets for toys, chalkboard doors, and pop-out hampers. It’s important that the closet is designed not only to fit the space, but to hold all of your child’s belongings.”

The Interior Designers Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring - Closet Organization Tips

Interior Design Expert - Lauren Makk

You might recognize this next home expert from one of the popular television series (like TLC’s Trading Spaces and A&E’s Drill Team) she’s appeared on. As an interior designer, home expert, and the Co-Host of FABLife on ABC, Lauren Makk loves sharing her expertise with viewers across the nation, in addition to making daytime television more fun with her co-hosts, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, fashion industry veteran Joe Zee, and DIY-maven Leah Ashley.

USE PAINT: One of her tips for an easy way update your home for Spring is to “paint your front door.” She tells us, “Your front door is the handshake of your home, and the first point of contact to welcome in your guests. The great thing about paint is, it’s easy to change and easy to apply. (Plus), you’ll only need a quart for this project, so it’s super affordable. Be daring and really go for the gusto by considering a deep purple like Vigorous Violet (#6838), a deep and soothing teal like Grand Canal (#6488), or a zesty orange like Copper Harbor (#6634) – all from Sherwin Williams – as your new spring shades!”

Interior Design Expert - Sasha Bikoff

You might have seen her interior design work featured in the glossy pages of Vogue or ELLEDecor. From rich materials paired with Italian and French mid-century antiques, to dreamy pastels and vibrant colors, New York-based interior designer Sasha Bikoff, the Principal of Sasha Bikoff Interior Design, has been designing gorgeous homes with an elegant, luxurious look for years.

REUPHOLSTER FURNITURE: Since she enjoys converting old into new, she suggests we “reupholster tired furniture. Upholstery is a sure way to transform an old piece. Do not be afraid to opt for fabrics with a lot of personality. To create harmony, study the shape of the piece and pick a print that mimics its design, or recover a classic with a strikingly modern print to make it pop.”

The Interior Designers Guide to Updating Your Home for Spring - Accessories

Interior Design Expert - Sean Juneja

As the CEO & Co-Founder of Décor Aid, an innovative technology-based company that enables clients to gain access to a team of high-end interior designers (without the high-end price tag), Sean Juneja has been helping clients from London to San Francisco create the dream homes they’ve always wanted. The company’s in-house, full-time team of designers was selected from the country’s most distinguished design firms, and they bring an unparalleled level of expertise, technical skill, and personalization to every project.

PLAY WITH TEXTURES: He encourages us to, “layer with textures to add interest. Cool neutrals with a single pop of color in a home, like light blue artwork or bright yellow accessories, add memory points and give the eye a place to rest. Switch out your decorative pillows and throws for lightweight fabrics, like linen and prints. Linen drapes hung extra long drape the floor, helping the space feel lighter and airier. Plus, new bedding is an easy way to brighten a space. Consider light colors or layered textures of whites.

The Interior Designers Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring - Painting and Lighting Tips

Expert Suzy Goodman-Pollack

This next interior designer not only knows how to decorate homes, she’s also a multi-talented artist and product designer that has developed consumer products (for Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc., an award-winning party supply manufacturer), as well as a the creator of the cast of patriotic children’s characters, Yankee Doodle Dandy and The Dandyland Characters. Suzy Goodman-Pollack has been using her artistic talents in commercial projects that has benefited millions of people over the past few decades.

REFRESH WITH FLOWERS: She encourages you to “adorn your front door with a festive Spring wreath to set the stage for the season. Embellish your outside garden, front porch, and patio with fresh Spring flowers in canisters, buckets, and bowls to welcome this fruitful time of year.”

Interior Design Expert - Tiffany Cassidy

As the Principal Designer at Lagnappe Custom Interiors, a full-service design firm in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Tiffany Cassidy knows how to turn any home into a tranquil, inviting oasis that’s ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it’s an unexpected use of color or texture, moving a wall or creating valuable storage in a beautiful way, she brings a fresh perspective to each and every project.

UPDATE YOUR HARDWARE: Cassidy says we should look to update our hardware. Not only is this an easy, affordable way to refresh the look of our home, it also is an opportunity to add color and character. “Cabinet pulls and doorknobs can be easily updated. There are many fun, new styles available every year. In honor of spring, you might try colored glass knobs for your kitchen cabinets.”

The Interior Designers Guide To Updating Your Home for Spring - Tropical Decor Inspiration

Whether you’re planning to do a full renovation on your home, or you just want to overhaul a few rooms in your house, these expert tips should give you the inspiration you need to refresh and update your home for Spring.

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[Images c/o designers, as referenced.]

  1. Jeena Bittenbender says:

    Awesome ideas. I am updating soon. Going for the beach look. I live on Florida’s Gulf Coast. I will be putting these tips to good use my next trip to POTTERY BARN and Home Depot…

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