When we create a home that’s beautiful and inviting, it’s not only a tranquil refuge for us to relax in, but it also can be a peaceful space for our guests to enjoy as well. In today’s edition of “Interior Inspirations”, take a peek into my recently decorated guest room which features cozy coastal beach themed decor.

Plus learn easy tips on how to create a relaxing guest room that your out-of-town visitors will love to escape to.

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

Since I live in Carmel, California (which is a beach town), opting for coastal beach themed decor seemed like the perfect idea. Not only does it exude the laid-back vibe of my area, but it also creates a soothing oasis for my guests.

Choose a Color Palette & Decór Theme

Before decorating a space, it’s wise to choose a color palette and decór theme.

The theory behind color psychology is the idea that colors can have an effect on people. Therefore, it’s best to opt for soothing colors for bedrooms. As the home decorating experts at HGTV share, “Color is a powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic. Color makes a tiny room feel larger, or a spacious one feel more intimate, without the time and expense of actually moving walls.”

For this guest room, I opted for a neutral color palette – with the foundation being a mix of creams, off-whites, and tans. To add a coastal theme, I incorporated pops of cool nature-inspired colors (such as ocean blues and organic greens).

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

Create a Cozy Bed

If you are decorating a small guest room, a daybed (with a pullout trundle) is a wise idea. A trundle daybed is also helpful when you have more than one guest sleeping over, as it allows for 2 guests to sleep (on these twin-sized mattresses). It not only conserves space, but it can also act as a sofa or lounging space when it’s not in use. As an example, I often use the daybed in my guest room to read a book or meditate, as it’s a peaceful place in my home.

I recommend layering the bed with cozy sheets, warm comforters, and even a sumptuous throw blanket (for chilly nights). I also suggest opting for a daybed comforter set (as they’re designed specifically to fit a daybed).

In addition to the bedding, add lots of pillows. From an oversized lumbar pillow to decorative throw pillows, a daybed is a perfect excuse to layer a variety of pillows. Not only does it make the bed look more attractive, but it also provides a functional aspect (since it’s more relaxing to lounge on).

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

Use Bookshelves To Display Decór & Storage Pieces

From decorative pieces (like framed artwork and candles) to inspiring books (to entertain your visitors) and even a crate containing towels for your guests to use, a bookshelf is a great addition to any guest room. It also minimizes how much storage you need, especially if it’s a small space, as it enables you to maximize the vertical wall space.

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

Keep Guests Entertained with Books

For those times when your guests just want to retreat into the room for a while to relax, I recommend displaying a few inspiring and entertaining books in the guest room. From self-help and spiritual books to motivational books, give your guests something to read while they’re in your home. Not only does this entertain them, but it also shows your interests and personality. For ideas on books that your guests might enjoy, check out these posts on I&C.

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

Make Guests Feel at Home

Last, but certainly not least, an easy way to make guests feel at home is to put out drinks and snacks for them. I recommend displaying bottles of sparkling water and healthy snack bars on a tray in the guest room. This enables your guests to feel satiated (in between meals), without having to rummage through your pantry (which they might not feel comfortable to do anyhow).

Interior Inspirations - Cozy Coastal Beach Themed Guest Room Decor Ideas

For more home decorating tips and ideas, check out the Home Decorating section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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