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Gillette Venus Swirl

When the weather starts heating up and it’s time to look like a gorgeous beach Goddess, you’ll want to feel totally confident when you put on Spring’s sexy shorts and skirts. To help you get super-soft skin, here’s why the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor and Gillette Venus (with Olay moisturizers) shaving gel is the ultimate duo for picture-perfect legs.

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor & Shave Gel

After months of freezing cold temps and moisture-zapping indoor heating systems, winter has probably wreaked havoc on your skin. From dryness to dullness, you’re probably looking down at your bare legs thinking, “how could I possibly put on a pair of shorts”?

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to help you get touchable soft, smooth skin.

Gillette Venus Swirl

Designed to work together, the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor and Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel were created specifically for women’s curves.

The new proprietary FlexiBall™ technology offers a totally unique movement like no other male or female razor on the market. Venus Swirl™ is the first and only razor with the FlexiBall, moving in multiple directions to navigate all of the tricky areas of a woman’s body. A water activated MoistureGlide™ Serum surrounds the blades for incredible glide. These revolutionary improvements help you shave those hard-to-reach places and capture hairs that other razors might miss.

Gillette Venus Swirl™ is the first Venus razor to feature Gillette’s most advanced blade technology, with five Contour™ blades that cut hair at lower cutting force and have thinner, finer edges — the thinnest in Gillette’s history. The Contour™ blades individually adjust to a woman’s every curve and contour.

Gillette Venus Swirl

If you often find that you get cuts when shaving your legs (especially those hard-to-reach and tricky spots, like behind the knee and around the ankle), then you’ll definitely love the Gillette Venus Swirl razor. With its swivel ball, the blades gently glide over your legs, leaving them soft and smooth (and cut-free!).

Gillette Venus Swirl

How To Get Super Soft Skin with Gillette Venus Swirl

Here is a simple 5-step process for getting super soft skin, just in time for Spring.

1. Before stepping into the shower, gently exfoliate your skin with a dry loofah or exfoliating brush. This will not only help shed dead skin cells (which can lead to ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps), it also helps prepare your skin for hair removal.

2. When you hop into the shower, make sure to use warm (not hot) water. Hot water dries out your skin, but warm water gently opens up your pores, making shaving that much easier and more effective.

3. Apply the ultra-moisturizing Gillette Venus Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel to your damp skin, making sure to cover every spot you want to shave.

4. Going in one direction, carefully shave your legs with the lightweight, easy-to-use Gillette Venus Swirl razor.

5. After you’re done showering and shaving, apply a hydrating lotion of body cream to your (slightly damp) skin, to lock in the moisture and keep your skin soft and smooth all day long.

Gillette Venus Swirl

Look for the entire collection of new Gillette Venus Swirl products in the shave aisle at your local Walmart store or at

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Beach Goddess Gillette #NewVenusSwirl Giveaway

[Disclosure: This post and giveaway were sponsored by Gillette Venus through their partnership with SheSpeaks. While I was compensated to write about Gillette Venus Swirl, all opinions are my own.]

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