Ingrown hairs are not only unsightly and frustrating to contend with, they’re also one of those topics most women don’t want to discuss. While we all enjoy the silky smooth results of shaving, waxing, and epilating, the unpleasant reality is that ingrown hairs are often the unwanted side effect of these hair removal methods. Fortunately, Continue Reading
Hair removal is one of those dreaded activities that (as women), we tend to worry about or keep hush-hush (since many of us consider it a private matter). But why should we?! Although it might be a hairy situation to contend with, every woman has to deal with it. So let’s stop beating around the […]
Springtime means warmer weather and more revealing clothing. From short skirts and shorts to tank tops and cut-out dresses, people everywhere will be sporting sexier looks this season by showing more skin. That means, it’s imperative to have smooth, stubble-free skin. But, why bother with razors or waxing, when you can be hair-free, Continue Reading