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Getting ready in the morning can leave you feeling frantic, rather than refreshed. That’s why having a hassle-free, 5 minute morning beauty routine will make a world of difference in the way you look and feel when you head out the door each morning. Featured here are easy-to-follow beauty tips for looking fabulous in just 5 minutes.

Morning Beauty Routine

1. For those days when you simply don’t have time to shower, you can easily enough use a wet wash cloth to clean off your body. This not only helps to exfoliate your skin (leaving it touch-ably soft and encouraging skin cell renewal, which is key for younger, healthier looking skin) and clean-off any dirt or residue, it also stimulates circulation (which invigorates your body and helps to minimize the appearance of cellulite).

Amlactin Body Lotions and Creams

2. After cleaning your skin with a wash cloth, always make sure to apply a hydrating body lotion or cream (like emollient-rich AmLactin® body lotions and creams) when your skin is still slightly damp. This locks-in essential moisture, leaving your skin silky smooth all day long. This is an important step in your morning beauty routine, especially during Fall and Winter months, as indoor heating and outdoor weather conditions can quickly zap your skin of moisture, resulting in dry, chafed, or wrinkled skin.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable, effective body lotion or cream that reverses the signs of aging and makes your skin feel soft and smooth, AmLactin® produces a range of Dermatologist-recommended, fragrance-free skin care products that were designed to heal and treat dry skin. That’s not all!

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3. Now that you’ve taken care of your body, you can move on to your face. After washing your face with a non-drying face wash (suitable for your particular skin type), always apply an SPF (oil-free versions are ideal for acne-prone or combination skin, as they won’t cause breakouts). No matter what time of year it is, or even if you plan on staying indoors most of the day, wearing a sunscreen (with a minimum of SPF 30) is key for protecting your skin from the damaging and harmful effects of UV rays (which are notorious for aging delicate skin, and even causing fatal skin cancers). Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your body (after you’ve put on a moisturizing body cream).

4. To instantly brighten up the look of your face, apply a swipe of vibrant lipstick (or a lip tint, for those of you who prefer the natural look). A blue-based lip color (such as a berry, burgundy, or rose hue) makes your teeth look whiter, and is flattering on most skin types.

5. To quickly give your face a wake-up call, after lightly dabbing an eye concealer under your eyes (to cover-up any bags or dark circles), applying a thickening, lengthening mascara works wonders to give your face an awake appearance. These dual-action mascara formulas instantly open up your eyes, making them appear alert and brighter.

By establishing an easy-to-do, 5 minute morning beauty routine (using the essential beauty tips above), you’ll not only save time getting ready in the morning, you’ll also help prevent yourself from feeling frazzled or stressed as you head out the door.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AmLactin. The opinions and text are all mine.

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