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If the words “self-care” make you think of yogis chanting self-love mantras, think again. Self-care goes way beyond meditation and yoga poses. Even a daily bath and beauty routine can be treated as self-care time. To inspire you to make your bath and beauty experience more luxurious, here are a few simple ways to elevate your routine.

Dove Shower Foam

Simple Ways to Elevate Your Bath & Beauty Routine

Whether you prefer to take a quick shower or a long bath, starting or ending your day with a luxuriating bath and body experience will instantly make you feel refreshed. To inspire you to indulge in a little self-care, here are a few simple ways to elevate your bath and beauty routine.

Create a Beautiful Bathroom Setting

To start with – creating an atmosphere that puts your mind at ease is a must. Beautifying your bathroom is more important than you might realize. While most people view bathrooms as a practical necessity, the truth is – it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only do we use the bathroom every day, but it’s also a sanctuary that we can take refuge in.

From fresh flowers and scented candles to chic makeup bags, making your bathroom look pretty doesn’t take a lot of effort or cost a fortune. Just a few elegant touches create a tranquil spa-like setting that relaxes you.

Dove Shower Foam

Wear a Beautiful Robe & Pajamas

There’s something magical that happens when you drape yourself in a beautiful robe and pajamas. Sumptuous fabrics like satin and lace can make you feel more posh and pampered than a frumpy robe and sweatpants.

Simple Ways To Elevate Your Bath and Beauty Routine

Use a Luxuriating Body Wash

When you’re ready to freshen up, lather up with a sumptuous-feeling body wash like Dove Shower Foam. This light, frothy foam not only cleans and hydrates your skin, but it also makes bathing more enjoyable.

Simple Ways To Elevate Your Bath and Beauty Routine

As a long-time Dove customer, I’ve been a loyal fan of their Dermatologist-recommended line ever since my doctor recommended it. Plus, their commitment to real authentic beauty and quality ingredients makes Dove a brand that I’ve always trusted and respected. That’s why I was excited to try the Dove Shower Foam. 


As you pump the product into your hands from the self-foaming pump bottle, it starts to resemble billowy clouds. Plus, the rich lather (which contains Dove’s Nutrium Moisture technology and mild cleansers) instantly rinses off without leaving a residue. 

Simple Ways To Elevate Your Bath and Beauty Routine 

When you take the time for self-care, you’ll find that it can uplift your mood and make you feel refreshed. By elevating your bath and beauty routine, you’ll start to look forward to your daily escape from the mundane. I can promise you that this daily DIY spa experience will become your favorite part of the day. 

Dove Shower Foam

Since self-care is time well spent by both men and women, why not help your fave guy elevate his personal care routine too? To inspire your man to indulge his senses the next time he hops in the shower, give him Dove Men+Care. This luxuriating cleanser will not only make him feel like a million bucks, but the best part is – it’s one of the best budget-friendly finds you can get from Walmart.

Plus, you can save even more money with the current promotion from Dove and Walmart. Save $2 when you buy Dove Women’s Shower Foam online at or at your nearby Walmart store.

Dove Shower Foam

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