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Designers really go to town when working on new kitchens and bathrooms because they are well aware that it is these two rooms that add value to, and often sell, properties. The modern bathroom has been difficult to design to a high standard by the average person in the past, because cutting edge fixtures and fittings were not as readily available to us as they are today.

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This availability opens up to us, the possibility to save an enormous amount of cash by sourcing materials and doing the job ourselves.

You will find here; some top tips to help you along the path to a stunning new bathroom in your own home.

Designing An Amazing New Bathroom

Bathroom Layout

A tight budget can be kept under control by allowing existing services to determine the locations for the new fixtures. Of course, if cash is no problem, the suite can be installed in the best locations for your design. The main thing to consider is the location of the sewer pipe. Thanks to new modern pumping and maceration systems, however, sewage doesn’t present the problem it once did.

The Suite

Of course, the suite is at the heart of any bathroom design. A search online will open your eyes to the massive range of suites on offer. There is only one rule that applies to the new bathroom suite; keep it white. Mistakes were made back in the 1970’s  that must not be repeated. Avocado is a swear word in modern bathroom design. If your bathroom is large enough, install double basins. They are a practical and desirable feature.

Bathroom Fittings

Fittings you can buy at your local DIY store for five pounds are not likely to suit your new design. The quality feel of the room rests mainly in the fittings installed. You are able to buy tapware online these days in sleek ultra-modern designs for a reasonable price. The taps don’t necessarily have to be mounted on the basins or the bath, but can be built into the walls. Some come with built in thermostats that can be set to run water at your favorite temperature. There is very little that designers haven’t considered in modern tap design.


Walk-in showers have become an integral part of most bathroom designs. They are both attractive and functional. The time for stepping into the bath to take a shower has passed. The cubicle doors come in many stunning varieties that will enhance the modern feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting

Incredible lighting solutions are available to complete your design. The correct lighting will make your fittings sparkle. There are even new led fittings that can be installed in the shower cubicles. The current trend for lighting is to use recessed ceiling fittings as the main source of light, but don’t simply opt for a pull cord switch; fit a dimmer on the wall outside the room. There are small led fittings available that can be recessed in the bath panel or under cupboards. Fittings are even available for installing in a tiled floor. Mix up the lighting to create different moods and your bathroom will shine.

Walls and Floor

All of the best bathrooms use matching floor and wall tiles to great effect. The tiles reflect light, look stunning, and give a high quality feel to the room. Choose wisely and avoid heavily patterned tiles as it could be a difficult and expensive job to change them when fashion changes.

Armed with this advice, you too could be the owner of a hotel quality bathroom in your own home. Not only do you have pleasant surroundings to bathe in, but you have just added thousands to the value of your home. A top result.

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