Your bathroom has the power to inspire and uplift you. I know, that’s a big statement – given that it’s just a room in your house. But think about it – your bathroom is like a private sanctuary. A place you go just to care for yourself (and your body, of course).

Whether you’re doing skincare, applying makeup, or drying your hair – everything you do in your bathroom should make you feel good. When your bathroom is pretty and organized, the process of “getting ready” actually becomes more fun.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

The Joyful Guide to Home Organizing

To motivate you to get organized this year, Inspirations & Celebrations created a home organization how-to series called “The Joyful Guide to Home Organizing” – inspired by the popular KonMari method.

Throughout this series, learn easy, effortless tips on how to better organize your home.

Part 1: How To Organize Clothing & Accessories

Part 2: How To Organize Jewelry

Part 3: How To Organize Beauty Products

In today’s edition (Part 3), discover budget-friendly tools that make organizing your bathroom easier. Plus learn how these simple tools and techniques will make your vanity look prettier too.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Use Clear Drawer Organizers

Whether you have built-in drawers or a standalone cabinet (like the cabinet above), I recommend organizing your everyday beauty essentials in clear drawer organizers. By separating beauty products by type (ex. primers, eye shadow palettes, face makeup, etc.), it keeps products in better shape. Plus, it helps you get ready quicker since you won’t have to rummage through a full cosmetic bag.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Use Drawer Liners

To prevent trays from slipping around (as you open and close the drawers), drawer liners are the solution. Liners come in a range of colors (although I recommend a neutral) and create a grip-like surface, keeping everything stationary. Since liners are available by the roll, simply measure the drawer and cut the amount you need.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Use an Under Cabinet Makeup Organizer

To maximize storage space, using an under cabinet multi-drawer makeup organizer is a great way to store extra cosmetics. From those neon colored eye shadows to special occasion lipsticks, this handy device is ingenious. My favorite part is having a drawer for each product type – foundations, lipliners, eyeliners, etc.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Put Brushes & Tools in Pretty Containers

A mirrored vanity cabinet is a basic bathroom storage option. As practical as they are for storing skincare and beauty essentials, there’s something so clinical feeling about them. That’s why pretty containers (like the sparkly holders above) add a bit of beauty to your vanity cabinet. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to store brushes and tools.

Pretty Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Use a Cosmetic Bag for Everyday Essentials

From concealer to mascara, a chic cosmetic bag is a pretty way to store your everyday essentials. Since it’s one of the most beautiful ways to organize your beauty must-haves, choose a cosmetic bag that sparks joy when you see it.

For more inspiring tips on tidying up, visit the Home Organization section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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