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Coat Trends For Fall 2013

Coat trends for Fall 2013 run the gamut between feminine and classic to bold and trendy. This season there’s a range of styles that are sure to complement your existing wardrobe and keep you toasty warm in the process. Since coats tend to be the more expensive pieces, the key to shopping for coats is to find on-trend items that simultaneously have timeless qualities, since these should be looked at as investment pieces for your closet. Featured here are 4 fabulous coat trends for fall and winter.

Coat Trends For Fall & Winter

White Coats

Part of the neutral color family, white coats are a seasonal staple. Although they require a lot of TLC (unless you want to spend time at the dry cleaners), white coats are a timeless and ladylike look for fall and winter. This season, white coats come in a range of figure-flattering shapes and silhouettes, from trench coats to double-breasted pea coats.

Belted Coats

To highlight your womanly curves and show-off your feminine figure, belted coats are the way to go. Available in various fabrics and textures (from satin to wool to cashmere), belted coats are one of the most flattering coat trends for fall and winter. But the best part about this coat trend is that it will still look chic for years to come, since belted coats never go out of style.

Fur Coats

Whether you opt for faux-furs or the real deal, fur coats are one of the most fabulous coat trends for fall and winter. From bold patterns to glamorous silhouettes, sumptuous fur coats are an opulent way to ring in the new season. Available in cropped versions, full-length coats, and even vests, these luxurious furs will take you from day-to-night in style, keeping you cozy no matter how blustery it gets outside.

Statement Coats

Put those basic black coats in storage, because this season it’s all about vibrant colors and notice-me prints when it comes to coat trends. Statement coats have made a big comeback for fall and winter. Whether you prefer a totally on-trend cobalt blue coat or a head-turning patterned coat, statement coats are a fun and playful way to cheer you up on cold, dreary days.


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