3 Fabulous Makeup Concealers

Makeup concealers come in a range of formulas, from mattifying liquids to illuminating creams. The key to finding the best makeup concealers starts by figuring out which areas of your skin you want to conceal. That helps determine the type of makeup concealer you need the most.

Featured here are three fabulous makeup concealers that cover blemishes, erase under-eye circles, add a youthful radiance to your skin, and even cover-up tattoos, bruises, veins, and scars.

3 Fabulous Makeup Concealers

Makeup Concealer for Dark Under-Eye Circles:

It Cosmetics produces a fantastic under-eye concealer, appropriately called Bye Bye Under Eye. The product contains Hydro-Collagen, Vitamin C (to help lighten and brighten skin), and Vitamin K (which assists in combating dark circles). When applying the cream, you’ll notice that at first, it feels slightly sticky. But, as your smooth the concealer onto your under-eye area, it blends in with skin quite nicely, while still providing ample coverage. It also has a bit of a sheen, helping to bounce-off light, creating an illumined, lit-from-within glow. This makeup concealer lasts all day, since it’s waterproof. And the best part is, aside from concealing dark under-eye circles, it doesn’t seep into fine lines and wrinkles (like many eye concealers do).

Makeup Concealer for Blemishes & Discoloration:

To conceal acne, discoloration, and red spots, you need a full-coverage makeup concealer. The key to covering up these skin imperfections is to use a makeup concealer that has a creamy texture, since it looks the most natural when applied to these areas. The Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo features two shades, making it ideal for perfect skin-camouflaging application. The Mineral Fusion concealer duo contains naturally-beneficial ingredients like Pycnogenol, Sea Kelp and Vitamins C & E (which provide age-defying antioxidant protection), while Licorice Root soothes and calms skin. For the best coverage, use a small concealer brush to apply the makeup concealer to any zits or red spots.

Makeup Concealer for Tattoos, Bruises, and Scars:

When you have an area on your skin (like a tattoo or birthmark) that requires a super-strength camouflaging concealer, you need a heavy-duty makeup concealer. Dermablend produces Leg and Body Cover. Available in 12 shades, this full-coverage, smudge-resistant formula not only has SPF 15 sunscreen built-in to it, it covers darker areas of skin very well, without looking cakey or unnatural. This product thoroughly covers tattoos, stretch marks, varicose veins, spider veins, bruises, scars and burns. Simply dab on this product and set with a powder for even longer-wear.

Disclaimer: A product sample was provided for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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