Street style inspiration is a fabulous (and easily accessible) way to see how the newest fashion trends are being worn in real life. Checking out street style stars and personal style bloggers’ take on new fashion trends is great for sparking fresh ideas about how to coordinate different pieces and for discovering which fashion trends Continue Reading
Coat trends for Fall 2013 run the gamut between feminine and classic to bold and trendy. This season there’s a range of styles that are sure to complement your existing wardrobe and keep you toasty warm in the process. Since coats tend to be the more expensive pieces, the key to shopping for coats is […]
With so many options to choose from, finding cute and fashionable coats for your body type that are priced within your budget, is easier today than ever. From traditional pea coats and classic trench coats in neutral hues, to dramatic swing coats in bright colors, here are several coats that work great on different body types […]