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Beauty Buzz ~ The Perfect Primer

We’ve all seen (or even known) women who take impeccable photos, look equally flawless in person, and have an unbelievable, nearly perfect-looking beauty. You’ve probably always wondered, “how do these women look so incredible and seem to have flawless skin”? It’s true that some people are genetically blessed; but for the rest of us, it takes work (and the right tools) to look fabulous.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of research and tested hundreds of beauty products, and as a result, have discovered some of the world’s most beautiful women’s best kept beauty secrets (which I’m going to share with you today).

The beauty buzz is out! The key to flawless looking skin starts with the perfect primer. Not only is this every professional make-up artist’s go-to product (for photo shoots), but it’s a must-have for real women (living their everyday lives), who want to look their very best.

Primers create a smooth canvas for the foundation to be applied onto. These products minimize the look of pores, reduce shine, and help face make-up (concealer, foundation, powder and blush) last longer. Since each primer has different benefits (some are designed for acne-prone skin, while others have anti-aging formulations), look for a particular primer that works best for your skin type. Here are five of the best primers on the market.

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