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Every woman (including famous supermodels) has some body part that she wants to improve, whether it be slimmer thighs, leaner abs, or clearer skin. The Kardashians are famous for their flawless make-up, picture-perfect hair, and eye-catching ensembles… but generally that kind of (HD-ready) beauty comes at a high price.

For the average woman who isn’t on a Kardashian payroll, finding beauty treatments that don’t cost a fortune, but actually work effectively is no easy task. In all my research about skin and beauty treatments, I found a remarkable system that is quite the miracle worker.

TRIA Beauty (known by top beauty magazine editors for creating healthy, radiant, beautiful skin), is the a leader in light-based skincare designed for use at home. Their clinically-proven, FDA-cleared devices deliver results that are equal to in-office treatments, at affordable prices. Their Skin Perfecting Blue Light heals acne quickly and gently while improving the overall complexion.


And the company guarantees results in 7 days… I’d say that makes it definitely worth checking out! Aside from a few zits, what do you have to lose?!

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  1. The reason why I especially like blue light devices is that they actually kill the bacteria in pores, which is the leading cause of breakouts. And the upside is that (unlike Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid), they don’t have side-effects such as drying or peeling. Hope this helps!

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