The Best Jackets For Your Body Type

Loving the way you look starts by wearing clothing that flatters your physique. There are seven basic body types, which range from the super sexy hourglass figure (such as Sofia Vergara) to the ultra athletic type (like Cameron Diaz). These basic body types include: The Inverted Triangle, Straight, Softened Straight, Angular Pear, Curved Pear, Hourglass, and Round (Source: Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best, pg. 71).

Best Jackets For Your Body Type

Today’s post focuses on three main body types that most women are familiar with: Hourglass, Pear, and Straight. The hourglass has a defined waistline, rounded hips, and a fuller bust-line and bottom. The pear is similar to the hourglass, with the exception that her hips are broader than her shoulders, and her bust-line is smaller. The straight body shape are generally slim or athletic, with flatter hips and a less defined waistline.

Here are three of the best jackets for different body types:

If you have an hourglass figure, opt for single-breasted, slim-cut jackets (like the one below) that highlight your narrow waist, and allow ample room for your larger bustline.

Best Jackets For Your Body Type - Polo Ralph Lauren Red Jacket
If you are a pear shape, choose jackets with strong shoulders that help to create a balanced proportion between your shoulders and your hips.
Best Jackets For Your Body Type - Dorothy Perkins Green Lace Lined Blazer
And for those of you straight shaped gals, try fitted jackets that give the illusion of more curves.
Best Jackets For Your Body Type - Jo No Fui Double Breasted Pink Jacket
Determining which body shape you have starts by assessing your silhouette, both the areas you consider your assets as well as the parts you want to downplay. Start by looking at the slope of your shoulders – are they angular and athletic, or soft and rounded? Then ask yourself if your shoulders are narrower than your hips – which could mean you are a Pear shape. Is your waist clearly defined or not? Are your hips flat or curvy? These are all questions that can help you figure out what “type” you are.

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