Little Black Dresses For Your Body Type - The Best LBD For Your Shape

Little black dresses are like perennial flowers. A year-round staple in your wardrobe, little black dresses are always in season, no matter what the time of year, and regardless of the trends. Whether you opt for glamorous accents or understated detailing, the key to finding the perfect LBD for your figure is to select the best dress silhouette for your body type. Featured here are several fabulous little black dresses for the 4 basic body types: Pear, Hourglass, Apple, and Straight.

Little Black Dresses For Your Body Type

Pear-Shaped Body Types:

Pear-shaped women have fuller hips and thighs in contrast to their upper body, which is considerably more petite. Therefore, the best little black dress for this type of figure is a fit-and-flare cut. The silhouette of the dress defines and highlights the pear-shaped body’s small waist and delicate torso, while camouflaging the lower body, due to a fitted bodice and fuller a-line skirt. The fit-and-flare dress is reminiscent of a feminine and flirty 1950’s style, which makes it a timeless look for a LBD.

Hourglass Figures:

Known as the ultimate female figure, hourglass body types are voluptuous and curvy. These body types have ample chests, smaller waists, and rounded hips. To highlight this body type’s noticeable curves, while downplaying any trouble spots (like a tummy or cellulite), the wrap dress is a great way to go. Not only does it look especially fabulous on an hourglass figure, it can easily go from day-to-night with the quick change of accessories, and travels well too (since many wrap dresses come in packable jersey or poly-blend materials).

Apple Body Types:

Generally having broader shoulders and narrower hips, the apple body type looks especially great in classic sheath dresses. This body type should opt for sheath dresses that have boatneck or rounded necklines to balance out the shoulders.

Straight Figures:

Slim figures that are either straight or athletic can wear pretty much any little black dress they choose. But, if they want to create the illusion of more curves, their best bet is a peplum dress. A peplum accent at the waistline gives the appearance of a fuller backside and hips, in contrast to the waist.


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