Swimwear Guide for Different Body Types

From tankinis to halter top bikinis, the Inspirations & Celebrations Swimwear Guide for Different Body Types teaches you how to find the best swimsuits that will flatter your body shape.

Finding swimwear that looks good on your particular body type (whether you have an Apple, Pear, Straight, or Hourglass figure) shouldn’t be a dreaded shopping experience. When shopping for swimwear, a lot of women spend hours trying on numerous swimsuits before finally selecting one that works. The secret to finding the best swimwear is to figure out your body type (by understanding both your assets and your trouble spots), and knowing which swimwear style is best suited to fit your particular needs. To learn more about different body shapes, check out the Inspirations & Celebrations Guide to Body Types.

Best Swimwear for Apple Shaped Body

If you tend to gain weight around your middle section (waist, upper body, stomach), then you probably are an Apple Body Type. To slim the appearance of your tummy and define your waistline, your best bet is to opt for one-piece swimwear, such as a bathing suit with strategically placed, color-blocked panels.

If you prefer the feel of two-piece swimwear, but don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini, go for the more modest version, which is called a Tankini. A Tankini covers the part of your body that makes you feel self-conscious, while still giving you the overall look and feel of a two-piece swimsuit.

Another fabulous tip for slimming the look of your middle section is to find swimwear that has tummy control built-in and ruched fabric. This type of construction and draping work together to conceal any stomach rolls, while making your tummy look flatter.

Best Swimwear for Pear Shaped Body

If you have a smaller upper body in comparison to your lower body, then you might be a Pear Body Type. The key to finding swimwear that flatters your figure is to choose a swimsuit that balances your upper and lower body.

Since dark colors make things look smaller, light colors have the opposite effect. With that said, opt for a darker colored bikini bottom with a lighter colored bikini top. Many swimwear companies are now designing mix-and-match swimwear options, which make it easy to choose one style top and a different style bottom (that still coordinate, without having a perfectly matching look).

In addition, if you want to increase the appearance of your bust-line, a halter top with built-in padding works wonders. This type of swimwear will give you the look of a fuller chest, which also helps balance out your lower body.

Best Swimwear for Straight Body

If you are naturally thin with few curves, you probably have a Straight Body Type. These types of bodies generally have shoulders and hips that are pretty much in line, flatter stomachs, and defined angles. More often that not, Straight Body Types want to create the illusion of more feminine curves. The best swimwear for straight body types helps add volume in areas that you want (like hips and bust).

If you aren’t comfortable wearing two-piece swimwear (like a bikini), opt for a Monokini or one-piece bathing suit that has contrasting colored piping or color-blocked panels on the sides (to create the appearance of a more defined waistline). Look for ruffled details, boy short cuts, and bust-enhancing construction (like padding and boning) in swimwear.

And if there’s any body type that can get away with a sexy String Bikini, it’s yours. So flaunt that lean physique!

Best Swimwear for Hourglass Body

Hey there, bombshell! If you have a full bust-line, defined waist, and rounded hips, you probably have an Hourglass Body Type. The keys to finding the best swimwear for your shape are to choose a swimsuit that supports your chest without distorting or amplifying your curves. Look for swimwear that has underwire or a halter top style (which will keep “the girls” up when swimming).” When it comes to choosing a bottom, nix the string bikini, and go for a wide band bikini bottom instead.

Have fun this Summer knowing you look great and feel fabulous when you rock swimwear that flatters your body type.

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