Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Tips & Techniques


Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement projects can run the gamut from major renovations (including demolition and new construction) to minor home improvement tasks (such as painting and furniture re-arranging). If you have been thinking about sprucing up the look of your home without investing a fortune or spending a considerable amount of time or effort, here are several easy and affordable tips and techniques to help you tackle home improvement projects.

Home Improvement Tips & Techniques


A quick and effortless way to update the look of a room (such as a living room or bedroom) is to add some new decorative elements. Fresh pillows, new linens, a clean slipcover (for a sofa or chair), and even a few well placed art pieces (like a small sculpture or wall art) can easily change the look of a room without requiring a lot of money or time.


When your frequently used furniture (like stools, chairs, and drawers) start to look dingy or outdated, a quick fix that immediately makes them look new again is paint. Adding a few coats of fresh paint to your furniture is the fastest (and most inexpensive) way to improve the look of your furniture, without having to resort to re-upholstering or buying new pieces. If you’re a novice painter, opt to use a foam paint brush (it resembles a sponge), as it doesn’t leave streaks and helps coat the surface of your furniture quickly and easily. If you are painting near windows or hardware, first cover these areas with painters tape (to protect the surfaces from inadvertently getting paint on them).

Another fast and inexpensive way to improve the look of your furniture is to change out the drawer pulls and knobs. You can find these pieces at a hardware store (for only a few dollars), and with just a few turns of a screw, you have completely updated the look of your drawers.


Home improvement isn’t just about adding aesthetic embellishments to your home. It’s also about cleaning up, getting tidy, and making your home more functional. That’s where organization comes into play. Using decorative storage boxes is a great way to store your belongings, while adding an attractive visual element to your room or closet. If you are limited on floorspace, by installing floating shelves on the wall, you can easily display your prized possessions (such as picture frames, books, and art) without encroaching upon your space.


Last but not least, no home improvement project is complete without attending to the outside of your home. Whether that be a garden, patio, or front porch, these areas usually get a lot of foot traffic and are one of the first spaces that people see when they visit your home. If you don’t have a green thumb or want to spend all your weekends tending to a garden, there are a few fast and easy ways to spruce up your outside space. Adding potted plants quickly lends color and life to your outdoor space without requiring effort.

As you can see, these easy and affordable home improvement techniques (that don’t require significant labor or investment) can quickly update and refresh the look and feel of your home.

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The Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Guide


The Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Guide

With Earth Day coming up on Tuesday (April 22nd), now is the perfect time to think about making some eco-friendly changes in your life. Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth’s environment. From all-natural home cleaning products (that are better for you and the environment) and eco-friendly home furnishings to vegan fashion and eco-friendly makeup, featured in this easy eco-friendly lifestyle guide are a number of products and tips to enable you to help the environment and improve your quality of life in the process.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor & Cleaning Products

Eliminate clutter, reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins in your home, and get organized with the newest eco-friendly home decor and cleaning products on the market. From vegan leather furniture to all-natural cleaning supplies, more companies nowadays are developing effective products that are both healthier for you and your family, but also environmentally-safe.

Eco-Friendly Fashion & Accessories

Being stylish and on-trend doesn’t mean you have to hurt the environment (or animals). From recycled materials to vegan fabrics, fashion designers are starting to focus more on creating eco-friendly fashion and accessories that look fabulous, without hurting the atmosphere or animals. Featured here are several eco-friendly apparel pieces, shoes, and accessories.

Eco-Friendly Ideas & Tips

During the process of Spring Cleaning, you might be tempted to simply toss out old apparel and accessories that you no longer wear. Instead of throwing those un-worn pieces in the garbage, if they are still in good condition, sell them at a consignment store or website (like Crossroads Trading Company or ThredUp). If the pieces are in less-than-perfect condition, donate them to charity (non-profit organizations like Goodwill accepts everything from apparel to shoes and even home furnishings).

When it comes to cooking meals that are both tasty and healthy for your body, opt for using organic produce, chemical-free foods, and vegan products. With so many fantastic cookbooks published (that show you how to easily prepare vegan meals), it makes living an eco-friendly lifestyle simple and hassle-free. And with so many people choosing to go vegetarian or vegan, there are more animal-free products on the market (that taste like the real thing). So, don’t be afraid to try some new, eco-friendly recipes this Earth Day. You might be surprised how delicious these meals can taste!

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3 Simple Spring Cleaning Solutions

3 Simple Spring Cleaning Solutions

Spring cleaning might be one of those annual home maintenance projects that you are dreading having to do, as it conjures up overwhelming ideas of exhausting hours of labor with minimal results. When done methodically, spring cleaning can actually be an easy and productive process that makes your home more organized and tidy. Featured here are three simple spring cleaning solutions to help you quickly and easily make your home more functional.

3 Simple Spring Cleaning Solutions

De-clutter Your House

Over the years, many people tend to collect knick knacks (whether they be purchased or received as a gift). While some of these collectibles might be valuable or cherished, others are simply unnecessary objects that simply add clutter to one’s home. Not only can these little trinkets make it more difficult to dust around, more often than not, they are visually distracting (and don’t add to the ambiance of your home decor). To de-clutter your home, take a good look around, and determine which items you can give away, sell, or discard of. The ‘less is more’ approach to home decorating is a great thought to keep in mind when you are de-cluttering your house. By having less items in a given room, the focus then is able to go toward the important pieces, such as artwork, furniture, and key accessories.

Organize Your Closet

During the spring cleaning process, you will want to switch out your winter clothes for your spring and summer wardrobe. There are a few easy ways to do this.

Before storing away your winter apparel, shoes, and accessories, carefully evaluate each item to determine if it needs to be professionally cleaned or repaired. Then decide if you actually want to keep the item. If it has seen its better days, or you no longer fit in or wear the item, these are signs that it’s time to let go. If it is in decent condition, you can sell it on eBay or Amazon.com, or bring it to a local consignment store or donation station. If, however, it’s bit the dust, just toss it in the garbage.

Now that you have gone through your winter wardrobe, and have decided which items to keep, the key is to properly store your items to ensure they stay in tact for next season. Sweaters should be neatly folded and placed within a storage bin (without a lid on top). This allows air to circulate, which prevents mold from developing. Heavy winter coats should be hung on hangers, at the back of your closet. Winter shoes (like boots and booties) should be put away in a secondary storage box. Depending on the layout of your space, you might need to place these storage boxes either on the top shelf of a closet or under a bed.

When re-arranging the apparel in your closet, it’s ideal to have everything organized by color and type. All tops and blouses should be together, etc. Sorting pieces by color helps you quickly get dressed in the morning, and is more visually attractive when you walk into your closet.

Space-Saving Tips

To minimize the amount of space you use for your wardrobe, there are great space-saving products on the market that can help. Opt for over-the-door shoe racks that can store numerous pairs of flat shoes, use slimline hangers to hang your apparel, and install floor shoe racks to organize your high heels and wedges. In addition, varying sizes of decorative boxes are an esthetically-pleasing and easy way to store jewelry and accessories.