To inspire you to enjoy working from home more, here are easy (and budget-friendly) ways to make a pretty and organized home office. From office furniture that provides storage space to charming file folders that make putting away papers more fun, here are some of my favorite WFH life must-haves.

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

World-renowned organizing expert and best-selling author of the new book Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life, Marie Kondo says, “Just as tidying the home sparks joy in our lives, tidying the workplace sparks joy in our work, helping us to become more organized and achieve better results.”

Choose Pieces That Makes You Happy

To boost your mood the moment you walk into your home office space (or even a corner desk in your living room), I recommend having inspiring artwork like a charming “Choose Happy” framed print. From pretty coffee table books to decorative storage boxes, choose pieces that reflect your style and make you happy.

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

Maximize Storage Space

Even if you have a small home office or workspace, an easy way to maximize storage space is to use bookshelves (like the budget-friendly industrial bookshelf above). Free-standing bookshelves are great because they don’t take up much floor space but still let you organize and display pieces. Add plants, books, and other decorative objects to make the bookshelf come to life.

I also highly recommend a desk that offers storage, such as one with built-in shelves (like this configurable desk here).

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

Use Pretty File Folders

Stay organized, keep your desk tidy, and feel inspired with pretty file folders. From feminine floral prints to playful modern designs (like the hustle folder above), pretty file folders add a decorative touch to your desk while keeping you on track with tasks and projects.

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

Designate an Inspiration Station

From writing in a goal journal to brainstorming new ideas, creating an inspiration station is always a good idea. Even a comfortable chair with chic pillows and a stylish side table is all it takes. At first, this chair was just sitting on its own in the corner of my home office. So I decided to make it a focal point by adding pillows, a side table, a plant, and a journal. It’s now become my go-to spot each morning to write down everything I’m thankful for (before starting my workday).

Upload an Inspiring Screensaver

Since you most likely use your computer every day for work, stay inspired with an uplifting screensaver. To keep you motivated, click here to download free screensavers from I&C (including the one shown on my computer above).

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

Enjoy Note-Taking with Pretty Notepads

To make note-taking, idea generation, and strategic planning more fun and inspiring – use pretty notepads and journals. I’m a big fan of this gorgeous floral Rifle Paper Co. notepad (which comes in a budget-friendly set of 3 colors). I’m also slightly obsessed with their pretty floral annual planner, to-do lists, and memo pads.

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

File It Away & Stay Organized

Last, but certainly not least, the best way to keep your home office looking pretty and organized is to file away papers. I love these durable black metal file boxes, which keep paid bills, business documents, and other important papers neatly tucked away and out of sight. Gone are the days of ugly metal file cabinets. These are a much easier way to stay organized at home. I like to designate one filing box per category (ex. work, home, personal).

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed after giving my home office a refresh (and of course, tidying up), I’ve realized that I feel more inspired to get things done. In truth – my home office has become one of my favorite spaces to spend time in now.

Easy Ways To Make a Pretty and Organized Home Office

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