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Being based on the Monterey Peninsula in California, attending major golf tournaments is just par for the course around here. After experiencing a few fashion mulligans of my own (like getting drenched in a downpour due to insufficient outerwear), I’ve finally learned the art of what to wear to a golf tournament.

If you’re attending a golf tournament (especially a PGA or USGA tourney), below are my style tips on how to dress.

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Whether you play golf or not, it’s important to recognize that golf is a sport that values tradition, honor, and etiquette. That’s why choosing outfits that are stylish, in good taste, and comfortable are wise.

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Dress for the Weather & the Season

Dressing for a golf tournament varies depending on the weather and the season.

For annual PGA golf tournaments (like the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament) that are hosted during winter, bundling up in warm clothes and bringing a small umbrella are always smart choices. As an example, at the 2019 AT&T Celebrity Pro-Am, we saw bursts of sunshine followed by hail storms (all within the same day!).

However, in warm weather months (like during the U.S. Open Championship in Pebble Beach this Summer or The Masters Tournament in Georgia each Spring), wearing lightweight layers is a great way to go.

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

As an example, a major pro golf tournament (especially one as significant as the 2019 US Open, which coincides with the 100th Anniversary of Pebble Beach) is a chance to look stylish, feel comfortable, and dress tastefully.

To inspire 50,000 spectators to dress their best for this celebratory occasion, I recently appeared on the KION News Channel, sharing fashion tips from the Pebble Beach Merchandise Pavilion on what to wear to the 2019 US Open. To watch my on-air segment and see 3 looks I styled, click here.

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

To help you plan a stylish, golf-appropriate outfit that’s a tee above the rest, below are some inspiring ideas:

Style Tips on What To Wear to a Golf Tournament

  • Golf apparel (a great option if you play golf or want to look sporty)
  • Windbreakers, puffy jackets, and vests (because layering is essential for staying comfortable)
  • Classic khakis or dressy trousers (which are traditionally-acceptable pants for golf); but some modern alternatives would be ankle dress pants or slim bootcut dress pants
  • Jeans are commonly accepted at most golf tournaments (but avoid frayed denim or jeans with holes)
  • Polo style or collared shirt (sporty, golf attire is always on par for a golf tournament)
  • Soft-spiked golf shoes, tennis shoes, or slip-on sneakers (which are all suitable shoes)
  • Flats, loafers, or low-heeled boots (but only if they have a good grip for walking)
  • Button-down blouse (for a more “dressed up” or sophisticated look)
  • Pullover or cardigan sweater (to keep you warm, while exuding a preppy, classic vibe)
  • Baseball cap or straw hat (which are helpful for sun and wind protection)
  • Sweat-wicking or naturally-breathable fabrics (like wool and cotton)

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Style Tips on What Not To Wear to a Golf Tournament

  • No sandals or flip flops (as they’re considered “too casual”)
  • No heels or wedges (as you’ll be walking on grassy, uneven terrain, so they’re dangerous to wear)
  • No opaque bags over 6”x6”x6” (bring a wristlet instead or use a clear bag  that’s under 12”x12”x6”)
  • No backpacks, large tote bags, or briefcases
  • No workout apparel, spandex, or sweatpants (as they’re all perceived as “too casual”)
  • No short-shorts, high skirts, tube tops, cut-offs, gym shorts (or anything too revealing)

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Style Tips to Remember:

  1. Golf Girl Essentials: UV-protected sunglasses, a hat, scarf, and sunscreen.
  2. Pack layers, since the weather on a golf course often vacillates throughout the day.
  3. When planning your outfit, just think of the motto: “keep it classy”.

Pebble Beach Style Guide - What To Wear To a Golf Tournament

Where To Shop for Golf-Appropriate Outfits:

Classic, preppy brands like Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Vineyard VinesJ.Crew, and Tory Burch always offer apparel, shoes, and accessories that are suitable for golf tournaments. For sporty attire, athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas are popular for women’s golf apparel.

For more style tips and outfit ideas, visit the Fashion & Style section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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[Photography by James Michael Nº3. Some affiliate links included.]

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