As I continue to research the wellness benefits of living in an eco-friendly home, it’s inspired me to make a few updates in our space. As a result, over the past several months, we’ve been transitioning to toxic-free home products (like naturally scented candles) and giving our home an eco-friendly update (with a few new pieces).

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-Friendly Home Ideas

If you’re interested to learn more about how to create a stylish, eco-friendly home, read on for a few easy effortless ideas and home decor products that will help you make the transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Use Naturally-Scented Non-Toxic Candles

There’s nothing as relaxing as listening to calming music while surrounded by aromatic-smelling lit candles. But, did you realize that a lot of candles contain toxic ingredients like artificial scents? Unfortunately, this can lead to allergies and other unwanted side effects, as it creates an unhealthy atmosphere for breathing. That’s why using naturally-scented non-toxic candles is so important.

Fortunately, brands like Scentered create beautifully scented candles (pictured above) that are eco-friendly and good for you. Their aromatherapeutic candles are created using natural waxes that are sustainably sourced and non-GM. Plus, they’re infused with natural essential oils (like calming lavender, sleep-inducing chamomile, and exotic jasmine) that encourage you to inhale deeply without the concern that it will negatively affect your well-being.

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Use Organic Linens & Bedding

Another easy effortless way to create an eco-friendly home is by using organic linens and bedding made from eco-friendly, ethically-made, non-toxic materials like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, linen, and Tencel. To avoid the need to use a dry cleaner for your comforter, a simple alternative is a comforter cover (which can be thrown in the washing machine). When washing your bedding, make sure to use a natural laundry detergent (one of our faves is by Seventh Generation).

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Switch To LED Lighting

To conserve on energy use (and cut your utility bills), switch over to LED lighting. With so many options on the market nowadays, LED lighting has improved vastly (as it no longer creates that dreaded “cubicle” lighting effect). Plus, you can even change the light color to suit your taste – such as a “warm white” for a softer effect. That’s not all! A lot of LED lighting options now sync with smart home technology, which means you can use voice commands to turn on, dim, and turn off your lights (by pairing with a device like Amazon Echo).

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Add Plants To Your Space

An easy way to eliminate toxins and improve the air quality in your home is by adding plants to your space. Not only do plants help to create a healthier environment for you, but they also add visual appeal and vibrant color. As an example, this cozy corner in our living room became a focal point when we added this tropical elephant ear plant to the space.

Easy Effortless Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Home

As you can see, creating an eco-friendly home requires a few minor lifestyle changes, but not a complete overhaul. By incorporating toxic-free elements into your home, you can feel good knowing that you’re making strides toward living a healthier lifestyle. Not only can an eco-friendly home help to minimize any allergies that you might have, but it can also help prevent other future ailments and illnesses from happening.

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