One of my greatest joys of the holiday season is decorating my home. From twinkling lights on the tree that add a festive glow to decorative figurines that bring a feeling of cheer, holiday decorating always lifts my spirits. To inspire you to have fun this season, here are a few budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas for your home.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

From luxe-looking Christmas tree ornaments to easy hacks that make hanging stockings a breeze, here are some tips and tricks to help you this year.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

When it comes to trimming a tree, there are no hard and fast rules. Some people prefer understated looks with fewer ornaments, while others love to go all-out. While we each have a personal preference on how to decorate a Christmas tree, below are a few tree-trimming tips that can help.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

  1. Pick the perfect tree height and width for your space. Whether you buy a living tree or invest in an artificial tree (like the deluxe 7.5′ artificial tree pictured here that’s only $200), make sure that it fits the space in your home that you plan to put it. If it’s too tall, you won’t be able to add a tree topper. If it’s too small, it will look awkward.
  2. Choose a color theme. From monochromatic colors to vibrant rainbow colors, decide on a color theme that inspires you. In my home, since my color palette is a mix of black, white, gray, and metallics, I opted to stick with that color theme. Everything from my ornaments and lights to my tree topper fit that color theme.
  3. Turn on and string the lights. To see how the lights look as you string the tree, I recommend plugging them in first and starting at the base.
  4. Start hanging the special or large ornaments first. From ornaments you’ve collected over the years to beautiful, eye-catching ornaments that make a statement when trimming your tree, it’s wise to start with the special or large ornaments.
  5. Fill-in with the filler ornaments. Now hang the glass ornaments and other types of budget-friendly filler ornaments to fill-in empty spaces on the tree.
  6. Layer the ornaments. To create more visual intrigue and a feeling of depth, place ornaments on the outer, middle, and inner branches.
  7. Place the tree topper on last. Since most tree toppers can be a bit challenging to make look perfect (as they often want to lean to one side, depending on the branch sturdiness), an easy fix is to opt for a tree topper with a clip-on attachment (like the one shown below).
  8. Use a tree skirt. Cover the base of the tree with a decorative tree skirt.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

How To Easily Hang Stockings on a Mantle

The challenge with some mantles is that they are too narrow to securely hang stockings. While a stocking hanger (like the ones shown below) is very helpful and recommended, if they don’t sit properly on the mantle, the weight of the stocking will pull it down. That’s why a smart option is to secure the stocking hanger to the mantle with inexpensive removable self-adhesive strips. This will secure the stocking hanger without damaging your mantle.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

I recently discovered these adorable budget-friendly woven stockings that are a mix of modern-meets-farmhouse style. The quality is great and the price can’t be beaten (at only $15 each). Plus, they’re spacious enough to fill the stockings to the brim with lots of unexpected goodies.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Decorative Figurines Add Holiday Spirit To Your Home

From Santa Claus figurines to decorative deer and enchanting snowmen, figurines are a fun way to add a bit of holiday spirit to your home. There’s something whimsical and magical about these little characters, which is part of their charm. I’m especially fond of this adorable gold deer figurine that I found this year (which only cost $15).

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Scented Candles Add Warmth

Another easy way to play up the warm ambiance of your home for the holidays is with seasonal scented candles. From vanilla and cinnamon scented candles to holiday scents, scented candles instantly add visual and sensory appeal to your space. Plus, scents evoke memories, so it’s a great way to stir up nostalgic feelings of holidays past.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Bring a Touch of The Outside Inside

From pine cones to dried leaves, adding natural elements to your home adds a warm and festive touch. I love adding a mix of glittered and plain pine cones to a tray that houses my candles. It’s especially great for entertaining spaces, like entryways and living rooms.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to decorate your home for the holidays. The best part is – it doesn’t have to be expensive. With so many great, budget-friendly holiday decorating options on the market these days, you can easily make inexpensive pieces look luxe.

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Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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