Like discovering a diamond in the rough, it’s rare for me to find a fashion brand that captures my imagination. But that’s what happened to me once I became enchanted with the Yumi Kim line.

When I wear Yumi Kim pieces, they evoke within me a sense of whimsy and magic that makes me feel like I’ve been transported back to another place and time – when life was slower, and each moment was cherished.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

After recently adding a few Yumi Kim pieces to my wardrobe, I felt compelled to learn more about this dreamy women’s fashion brand and to discover what makes the line so appealing to modern women. 

In today’s fashion designer spotlight, find out more about Kim Phan, the inspiring woman behind this irresistible brand, and what drives her passion to make women feel beautiful.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

The Yumi Kim Fashion Brand

From fanciful dresses to flirty rompers, feminine blouses, and elegant nightwear, it’s easy to see why this charming line of clothing has captured my heart. Not only are the silk fabrics sensuous to the touch, but the vibrant prints and flattering silhouettes are simply stunning.

As exemplified by the dress worn here, Yumi Kim pieces are like a wearable piece of art. Their meticulous construction and luxurious fabrics result in pieces that drape a woman’s body in a way that’s impressively flattering. 

Aside from gorgeous colors, eye-catching prints, and standout silhouettes, the line is also known for its surprisingly accessible price points. The pieces range from $98-$300 on average, which is astonishing, given the high quality and craftsmanship.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

The Woman Behind The Brand: Kim Phan

As shared on the brand’s website, fashion designer & brand creator Kim Phan remarks that her “greatest reward is knowing every woman who wears my designs feels like the best version of herself. That empowerment matters to me in all areas of our business, and I am proud to have created a company that is owned and run by women. To wear Yumi Kim is to stand out, to view life as a colorful journey, and to be your own exciting and beautiful self.”

She got her start in New York when she opened a clothing boutique in the West Village. After adopting her Yorkshire Terrier, Yumi (which the brand is named after), she started designing clothes under the Yumi Kim brand. The term “Yumi” actually means beauty in Japanese, which was the inspiration behind the line.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

As Kim comes from Vietnamese descent, she was quoted in Racked NY as saying, “I grew up around my relatives all wearing prints and color. If you ever go to Vietnam, you’re going to notice that almost every single woman is wearing prints.”

“You get noticed when you walk in the room with color or print. There’s just something about a floral dress, or a printed dress, or a color—you just automatically come to life, and I think people respond to that. They gravitate toward color and print and that’s why I always naturally gravitated toward that.”

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim Inspires Customers To Express Their Unique Beauty

As part of its social media marketing campaign, the brand is also inspiring their customers to express their unique beauty by uploading photos wearing the pieces and tagging the hashtag #YKMyWay. The brand then selects winners (based on creativity) by gifting them with $500 gift cards. 

In addition to which, they love reposting customers’ photos to their account, which further reinforces the sense of community and culture of the Yumi Kim brand. From fashion bloggers to tastemakers and trendsetters, women all over the world have fallen in love with the Yumi Kim fashion line, and for good reason – it’s just gorgeous!

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

To inspire you to learn more about the Yumi Kim line and to discover this breathtaking collection, below are a few of my favorite current pieces from the brand. Whether you’re attending a wedding, going on vacation, or want to dress to impress, these pieces will surely turn heads and evoke compliments.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Yumi Kim

Shop Yumi Dresses:


[Featured above: Dress by Yumi Kim; Rattan Bag by Tommy Bahama; Earrings from Amazon; Westend Sunglasses c/o; Lipstick c/o Elizabeth Arden.]

[Disclosure: Affiliate links included. Photography by James Michael N°3]

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