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If you’re still shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, one of the best places to shop online is Amazon (especially if you’re a Prime Member, since you’ll get free 2-day shipping!). From beauty products and self-care kits (that’ll make her feel pampered) to cute slogan t-shirts (that will make her laugh) and home decor items (that instantly refresh her abode), here are last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from Amazon that she’ll totally love. To shop these items (or for product details), simply click each product photo. 

That’s not all…

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To make the month of May even more special, Inspirations & Celebrations is gifting one lucky reader with a $25 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway runs from May 8 – May 31, 2019. To enter, follow the easy instructions listed in the Gleam-powered giveaway widget shown below. 

To be eligible to win, entrants must be age 18+. This giveaway is open to USA/Canada residents. ‪
Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

A random winner will be chosen on June 1, 2019, and contacted via email. The winner must reply by email within 3 days by providing their mailing address and contact information. Failure to reply within this time period will result in automatic forfeiture of the prize. In that situation, another random winner will be chosen.

20 Last-Minute Mothers Day Gifts from Amazon That She Will Love

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Amazon


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  1. I love shopping on Amazon because I can get things I cannot find here. Delivered without running around searching.

  2. Kristi Friesen says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because they have so many items to choose from, and a lot of things I can’t find easily anywhere else!

  3. Kaitlyn Fuerth says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because it’s so easy to compare products to find the best price and reviews. The selection can’t be beat!

  4. Karla Sceviour says:

    I LOVE shopping on amazon, because I live in a small town,with not many stores at all, so I shop on amazon for groceries,gifts,pet supplies,goodies for myself, you name it! Amazon rocks!!

  5. I like shopping on Amazon because I can always find what I am looking for.
    I also like I can buy other gift cards and have them instantly delivered via email!
    I love buying video games on Amazon, you always get bonuses when you pre-order and Amazon exclusives!

    This giveaway is awesome thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone 🙂

  6. Minta Boggs says:

    Amazon is my Kryptonite!!! I absolutely love Amazon, I don’t have to deal with driving anywhere or dealing with long lines or peoples bad attitudes. I can shop in my pj’s if I want to. They have a variety of items to choose from and most usually the customer service is really good.

  7. Annmarie Weeks says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because it’s quick & convenient. They have everything I could ever need, usually at better prices than I’d find in the store. And with Prime, I get it shipped & to my house so quickly!

  8. Elizabeth Geiger says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because I can always find what I am looking for, no matter how unusual or hard to find.

  9. Beth McC -- Midwest Redhead says:

    I love shopping at Amazon because I can get good prices, quick delivery, and have had good experiences with customer service.

  10. I LOVE Amazon!! It’s a one stop shop that goes all over the world ????You can purchase hard to find stuff. Amazon has great offers and deals. The sellers have always been top notch to me! You can compare merchandise and prices. Plus you can get free shipping. It’s an awesome site! ????????????

  11. lisa ehren says:

    We and my hubby kids love amazon Only way to shop on line brig home Its the Best Only way shop for gifts send to mom dad family friend no fight crowds right from home the best no wasting time or fight find a parking spot We cant do anytime day or middle of night

  12. I love shopping at Amazon because you can always find what you need at a great price without having to deal with any crowds or hassles.

  13. Frankie Pinnix says:

    I love shopping at Amazon because of the variety of choices, 2 day delivery, competitive prices, and no need to leave home.

  14. Patricia Henry says:

    I love amazon! They have everything and I don’t have to waste time going around town. I comes right to my door!

  15. Jamie Johnson says:

    Why do I love shopping on Amazon? Well, simply put, I hate regular shopping! I don’t like crowds, or trying to dig through piles of clothes looking for sales, and I really dislike malls. So, Amazon is perfect for me! They have just about everything in the world! They also have very reasonable prices, and as a Prime member, so many good deals and two day shipping services. I love shopping on Amazon because I can do it all from home. Amazon is AHmazin! xoxoJJ

  16. Lisa Gordon says:

    Amazon is my “go-to” shopping site for everything, and delivery is super quick and efficient! Love it!

  17. I love and greatly appreciate Amazon shopping for several reasons. I am disabled and have some other things going on and when in-store shopping isn’t really possible, Amazon comes through for me. I love that they have pretty much everything under the sun available to browse through and/or buy. I’ve even found some pretty obscure things that I’m into. Prime is absolutely AMAZING and pays for itself a million fold between the shipping perks and everything else that’s included with the membership.

  18. Ashley Mains says:

    I love shopping on amazon because they make it easy to return things if they dont work out. Plus I can usually find the best prices all from the comfort of my house and they get here in 2 days!

  19. Linda Gawthrop says:

    I live in a very rural development and Amazon provides me with the affordability and convenience of living in a more urban area.

  20. Christina Gould says:

    I love shopping at Amazon because they have great prices and their shipping is very convenient. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I love shopping at Amazon because it has pretty much everything and it is convenient and easy! Happy Mother’s Day <3

  22. I love shopping on Amazon because they have such a wide selection of products, good prices, and fast shipping.

  23. Amber Kolb says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because the prices are great! I’m on a budget and it really helps me, especially when it comes to gift giving.

  24. I love to shop for my birthday gifts, because it is always a surprise to see what is in the box being delivered to my doorstep.

  25. Sandra Watts says:

    I love shopping at Amazon mostly because of the convenience but they also have a good variety and prices too.

  26. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I am a frequent user of Amazon, and here’s why:

    You can find everything on Amazon.
    Amazon prices are very competitive.
    Quick and easy checkout. In many cases, I just use the 1-button checkout.

  27. gloria patterson says:

    I am a handicaped senior that finds it hard to shop local. BUT I can go on amazon and find what I need/want in minutes… Fast and easy for me and they have everything

  28. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because I can do it at my convenience 24/7! They carry a wide variety of high quality products and with Amazon Prime, purchases are delivered to our home within 2 days.

  29. Brigitte Walsh says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because the world is at my fingertips! I can find things I didn’t even know I wanted!

  30. I love shopping on Amazon because of the vast choices! Not all of us live in urban areas with big stores. I do like shopping local, but can’t always find what I want in area stores.

  31. With free shipping/returns, the variety & being able to keep a running gift card balance, they make it easy to shop with them. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  32. I love shopping on Amazon, because shipping is free (Prime), most returns are no hassle and customer service is good! The variety available is greater than any other site I’ve found, too!

  33. I love shopping on Amazon because I can buy anything I need with gift cards that I received! It’s also the best place to find Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan books for my dad, who remembers them from his youth.

  34. Kara Marks says:

    I buy everything I can at Amazon. I have MS and can’t drive anymore, so it’s the most convenient thing for me.

  35. Brenda Cremer says:

    You can literally buy anything on Amazon and it can be on your doorstop tomorrow, can life get any better than that?

  36. I like shopping on Amazon because it is so convenient. You also can’t beat the free 2-day shipping with Prime.

  37. Tawnia Savon says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because they have unique items, great customer service and fast shipping!

  38. belinda bell says:

    I love shopping on Amazon because I can find everything I want there. And it is so easy to shop at home.

  39. Amazon Canada does a nice job on shipping. I’ve ordered a few lights before, and they were all safely delivered. I think that they are reasonably priced, also have a wide variety of products. It’s great to have everything you need.

  40. I love shopping on Amazon because they have everything I’m looking for and more!
    Thank you for the chance to win this fantastic giveaway!!

  41. Darla Peduzzi says:

    I like the convenience of shopping on Amazon, plus I can get my products in 2 days most of the time.

  42. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We shop Amazon every week for our family. My son needs gluten free foods he has Celiacs disease and shopping there makes it so easy to buy for him. I buy items for my garden and so many gifts with Prime and free shipping its so easy to do.

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