In September, I spoke on the Influencer Panel at the Style Collective Conference in New York City. In case you didn’t know, the Style Collective is an empowering organization of women who support and help each other to become successful.

In addition to being the founder of SC, Annie Spano is also the host of the “Becoming Fearless” podcast.

What is the Becoming Fearless Podcast?

Featuring interviews with female leaders everywhere, the Becoming Fearless podcast “is about finding your authentic self and living your values to become the person that you were meant to be.”

Through the podcast and her organization, “Annie Spano’s mission is to inspire and empower women all over the world through leadership, self-development, and a little bit of hustle. Each week she (brings) you inspirational stories for leading a life of passion, purpose, and authenticity.”

If you’re looking for a podcast that will motivate and inspire you, this is definitely one worth subscribing to!

After learning that we share a similar outlook, Annie invited me to be a recent guest on her podcast. Read on to learn a bit about our chat, a few of my tips on becoming fearless, and how this podcast can inspire you.

Becoming Fearless Podcast with Christina-Lauren Pollack

My Inspiring Chat on the Becoming Fearless Podcast

As the creator of Inspirations & Celebrations, my mission for this website is “to educate and empower women through inspirational and informational content”.

I believe we attract people into our lives who share a similar set of values or way of thinking. Because I’m energized by chatting with positive-minded, action-oriented people, being on Annie’s podcast was inspiring for me.

In addition to sharing a snippet of my personal history (including my life and business background), I was also able to share some of my insight with her audience. Here are some tips I shared on the Becoming Fearless podcast.

  • Focus on faith, not fear. Through my life and career experiences, I’ve learned that the best mindset is having faith over fear and being confident in yourself. Whether you’re religious or not, having a positive belief in yourself and taking a leap of faith in life is the best way to overcome challenges and circumstances.
  • Look within, not without. Success starts internally. Instead of looking outside of yourself and gauging your benchmark of success on other people’s validation, look within. Ask yourself if you’re happy with the job you did or if you feel like you’re on the right track. Only you can decide what success means to you.
  • Don’t be afraid of hearing no. Pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals requires you to take action and ask for what you want. But, things won’t always go your way. Don’t let the word “no” deter you from forging ahead on your path. When the right opportunities come your way, doors will open. Believe that. Not to mention – a “no” is not always forever. Perhaps they’ll say yes to your idea or proposal in a few months or a couple of years? Timing is often a key factor to the success of any venture, so don’t let the dreaded “no” prevent you from following your highest path.
  • Take time for self-care. No matter how busy life or work gets, always take time for self-care. Even the world’s top leaders make time to clear their head, meditate or get centered. Self-care can encompass anything that makes you feel good – from beauty treatments to yoga classes and beyond. The more you take time for self-care, the more productive and focused you become.
  • Never take things personally. The more successful and happy you become, the more people will feel envious toward you or become competitive with you. Don’t fret about their negative reaction. Most likely, you’re triggering something deeper within them. Perhaps they dream of having their own business? Maybe they secretly wish they had a job, relationship or life like yours? A quote I learned at Junior League of Monterey County is a great reminder to us all: “If you knew everything about everyone, you’d forgive everyone for everything.”

To hear the full 30-minute podcast, listen to my episode #77 on Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Becoming Fearless Podcast - Style Collective

For more career tips and life advice, check out the Career and Personal Growth sections on Inspirations & Celebrations.


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