To keep you feeling inspired at home right now, here are some uplifting books, podcasts, and leaders I love. From spiritual gurus who remind you to have hope and faith to successful business authors who will help you stay motivated (even while you work from home), if there was ever a good time to work on personal growth, now is it.

Uplifting Books Podcasts and Leaders Who Will Keep You Inspired at Home

One of my favorite daily routines lately has been to start the morning by reading a few pages from a good book. It helps me feel centered, gives me a sense of peace, and allows me to focus my mind on something positive.

Recently I’ve been reading the new Super Attractor book by Gabrielle Bernstein. Recommended to me by a friend years ago, Gabby is one of those inspirational leaders that I instantly connected with after listening to her life-changing audiobook called The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith.

From her books to her guided meditations, her content is always uplifting and inspiring. Plus, she exudes a “cool girl next door who happens to be a spirit junkie” vibe, which is a unique combination, to say the least. As a former PR/party girl turned spiritual leader and NYT best-selling author, she’s become one of my favorite gurus to follow. Plus, her down-to-earth personality and relatable material make her a modern-day self-help leader who many Millennial and Gen X gals can relate to.

I highly recommend reading all of Gabby’s books, as they’re great reminders to choose faith over fear, to be in the present moment (and not allow your mind to obsess about the future), and to find true happiness within (which is not based on outside circumstances).

During this challenging time period, she has been a great help to me (and many others), as she regularly posts inspiring content on her Instagram account and shares guided meditations and podcasts via her website. She has also recently launched an “Anxiety Relief Workshop” to help us learn tools and techniques to de-stress and feel calm, no matter what is going on around us.

Uplifting Books Podcasts and Leaders Who Will Keep You Inspired at Home

Another woman I admire greatly (and recently featured in this article on I&C about “inspiring advice from empowering women”) is Lisa Sugar, the Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of POPSUGAR. Having gone from blogging about celebrity pop culture to becoming the successful head of a now global multi-media platform that reaches 300 million readers, she’s definitely someone to learn career advice from.

I love her uplifting book called Power Your Happy: Work Hard, Play Nice, and Build Your Dream Life as it shares her personal story of how she launched and grew her wildly successful brand and business. Not only does she show how her passion fueled her throughout this process, but she also touches on some rather meaningful points – like work hard and be nice. Often times in business, people tend to act rather “cut-throat”, but her perspective is quite the opposite, which is very refreshing to learn.

She believes in being kind and helpful to others, and that has set the tone for her entire career and work culture. Having worked with the POPSUGAR Select division many times on campaigns (as they used to do brand/influencer partnerships), I learned first-hand how sweet her team was. They have become some of my favorite people in this industry to collaborate with, as they’re always upbeat, friendly, and inclusive.

I’ve always believed that to get a sense of what a company’s work culture is like, it starts with the top executives. When they’re good-natured, they influence their entire workforce to act similarly. This has proven to be true at POPSUGAR.

If you’re looking for an uplifting book that will motivate you to follow your dreams, pursue your passions, and not only survive during this time period but to actually thrive, I highly recommend reading her upbeat book.

Uplifting Books Podcasts Leaders To Keep You Inspired at Home

If you’re a fan of uplifting podcasts, one of my favorites to listen to (and one that I’ve been a guest speaker on) is called The Becoming Fearless Podcast, which was created by Annie Spano (the Founder of the Style Collective).

She regularly features inspiring women on her show who discuss everything from learning how to fulfill your potential to sharing ways to overcome challenges. As Annie describes it, her podcast shares “empowering conversations about saying yes to your dreams, finding your authentic self, living your values, and becoming the best version of yourself.”

With more than 100 episodes to listen to, you’ll discover tips and techniques on how to have more faith in yourself and your abilities, how to let go of self-limiting beliefs, and how to get past any setbacks that are holding you back. If you’re looking for something to do to improve yourself and help you feel inspired at home, I definitely recommend tuning into this podcast.

For more uplifting books check out this article and view my list on Amazon for more book recommendations.

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