Father’s Day gifts are sometimes the most challenging presents to shop for, especially if you’re shopping for a guy who has everything (and says he doesn’t need anything). Whether you’re on the hunt for a foodie, a tech junkie, a gamer, or an outdoor adventurer, we’ve got you covered. To inspire you this year, here are some cool Father’s Day gifts that Dads would actually want.

Father's Day Gifts That Dads Would Actually Want

Father’s Day Gifts for Foodies

Is the big guy in your life a total foodie? Does he love spending weekends catching up on Top Chef? Is he always whipping up something tasty in the kitchen? Then get him a Father’s Day gift that inspires him to unleash his inner gourmet chef! From pizza makers to smokeless grills, here are some awesome gifts for the foodie Dad.


Father’s Day Gifts for Tech Junkies

Is your Pop into the hottest new electronic gadgets? Does he get stoked when the CES show is going on? Is he the first in line when Apple releases a new iPhone? Then you’ve probably got a tech junkie on your hands. This Father’s Day, give him the gifts he’s been secretly (or not so secretly) wishing for. From high-flying drones to smartwatches, here are the best Father’s Day gifts for tech junkies.


Father’s Day Gifts for Travelers & Adventurers

Does your big guy get a kick out of going camping, fishing, or hunting? Does he enjoy the thrill of exploring uncharted territory and roughing it in the wilderness? Then he’s probably an adventurer. To satiate his adventurous spirit, here are some gifts he’ll actually want.

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