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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 16th), so it’s the perfect time to think about a fabulous and memorable gift to give the special man in your life (whether it be your dad, grandpa, uncle, or a special person who’s always been a father figure to you). Featured in this Father’s Day Gift Guide are top quality presents (including unique products and once-in-a-lifetime experiences) that any guy will surely love. Whether he’s a luxury lover, sports devotee, adventure seeker, or fitness enthusiast, there’s something for every guy in this specially-curated list of goodies.

Father’s Day Gift Guide


The Adventurer


Father's Day Gift Guide - Baseball All-Star GameA Trip To The Baseball All-Star Game (Starts at $1735)

Is your dad a sports fanatic? Does he enjoy indulging in an afternoon of watching his favorite team play an exciting, action-packed game? Then he’s sure to adore this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime gift. For over fifteen years, Goviva! has been providing “unique and amazing travel and event experiences”. This incredible opportunity is a dream come true for only lucky sports-loving dad.

Lamborghini Racing ($149)

Is your father into heart-pumping, adrenaline-amped activities? Father's Day Gift Guide - Lamborghini RacingThen this is one father’s day gift he’ll never forget! Giftioni (a fast-growing experience gift company) has created this one-of-a-kind experience to enable regular guys (across the country) the opportunity to have the thrill of a lifetime, by racing a Lamborghini around a racetrack. If your dad has ever dreamed of being a professional race car driver, this is certainly a gift he’ll be over-joyed to receive.

The Fitness Fanatic


Father's Day Gift Guide - FitKitFitKit ($35)

Being active is a key role in the life-long journey of staying healthy. If your dad loves getting in shape, the FitKit is a great gift, since it’s an “affordable, portable, and packable fitness solution with all the tools for a total body workout.” The FitKit is like an all-in-one portable gym – containing an exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope, and more. The kit is TSA-friendly and very lightweight (so it can go with your dad whenever he’s on the road). In addition, it includes access to 250+ online exercises and nutrition tips.

Soleus GPS Fit Watch ($99)

While you’re dad’s busy exercising, why not give him a gift that willFather's Day Gift Guide - Soleus GPS Fit Watch help his fitness efforts along? Heralded as “the only watch, GPS and heart rate monitor company that has its roots in running and athletics”, Soleus has created a line of sports watches, GPS units, and other accessories. The Soleus GPS FIT enables runners to accurately track their Speed, Pace, and Distance. And now it’s compatible with the social competition site, So, if your dad loves proving his athletic prowess, this watch will help him achieve his goals and look good doing so.


The Foodie

Father's Day Gift Guide - French Delicatessen Gift BoxFrench Delicatessen Gift Box ($86)

If your father enjoys indulging in French cuisine, this is the gift box for him. This exquisitely curated selection of sweet and savory treats by a *pour toi (including Rosette de Lyon, Saucisson sec, Duck rillettes, Pate, Raspberry fudge and more) will delight any man who enjoys delectable food. A*pour toi is known to create gift boxes for foodies around the world. So if it’s true that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, then this gift will only increase his love for you that much more.


Classic 8 Pack Wine Carrier with Wheels – WineCruzer ($349)

The perfect accompaniment to a Father's Day Gift Guide - Winecruzerdelicious meal is a nice bottle of wine. For the man-on-the-go, this convenient and portable wine carrier stores 8 bottles of wine, while keeping the wine at placement temperature for up to eight hours. So if your dad enjoys picnics in the park or barbecues at the beach, the WineCruzer carrier is a practical gift he’ll use for years to come.

The Sports Fan


Father's Day Gift Guide - Gnaraloo Inflatable SUPGnaraloo Inflatable SUP ($995)

Does your pop like to catch a wave every now and then? Or perhaps he was once into surfing, but now just likes to chill a bit? The hottest trend to hit water sports in recent years is SUP (stand-up paddle-boarding). That’s what makes the Gnaraloo Inflatable SUP (created by Global Surf Industries) the perfect gift for dads who love the beach and just want to have some fun in the sun.

Father's Day Gift Guide - Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder

Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder ($250)

Whether he’s a scratch golfer or not, every dad can improve his handicap by using the right tools on the golf course. That’s where the easy-to-use, affordable, and highly-accurate Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder comes in handy. With just one click of a button, your dad will be able to measure the distance to the pin (helping him gain an advantage over his golfing buddies). Renowned as a leading American-owned optics company, Leupold introduced this ‘tournament-legal’ rangefinder (that relies on PinHunter laser technology) just a few months ago, putting a”competitive edge right at the golfers’ fingertips”.

The Techie


Father's Day Gift Guide - Flips Audio HeadphonesFlips Audio Headphones ($120)

Does your dad get down to some funky beats? Every guy loves listening to jammin’ tunes and pretending to be a rockstar. With the Flips Audio headphones he can do just that (and more!). The high-tech and powerful headphones enable your dad to quickly turn “a ‘solo’ listening experience to a ‘social’ one”, with just one flip. These HD headphones provide a dual listening experience with innovative features that allow folks to choose their music mode – whether alone or shared with others (since they can be used as speakers). Available in sleek black or trendy white, the Flips Audio headphones are a cool gift for an even cooler dad.

Father's Day Gift Guide - GoPro Camera

GoPro HD Hero Camera ($299)

“For extreme-sports moments from an intense first-person experience, the GoPro HD Hero Camera (outdoor edition), offers a high-definition and waterproof camera, allowing you to capture your sporting events from some truly unbelievable angles.” If your dad loves taking incredible photos, capturing moments on film, and treasuring memories for a lifetime, this unique GoPro camera will be a gift he’ll adore, now and for adventures to come.


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