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When we visited Scandinavia last Fall, aside from the beauty of the architecture and natural landscape, one of the things we were inspired by was the warm, inviting atmosphere in the hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops we visited. What we learned was that this Danish design style was referred to as “hygge”, which the Oxford Dictionary defines as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. 

Hygge Style Home Decor

While most Scandinavian designs are streamlined and simple in their shapes, they often create a modern, contemporary look for any space. To warm up a room and give it a liveable vibe, sumptuous fabrics and cozy accessories add the finishing touch. From faux-fur throws to cheery pillows and little reading nooks, to inspire you to create a hygge home this season, here are some ideas and shoppable products to get you started.

Inspired by Hygge Style - How To Create a Cozy Home for Fall - Living Room

Living Room

When decorating a living room, the first place to start is by shopping for a comfortable, yet attractive, sofa. Whether you prefer leather or fabric, choosing the right sofa sets the tone for the whole room. It’s usually advisable to opt for a neutral-colored sofa which gives you more flexibility and freedom to decorate the room how you please (and even change pieces out by season). 

To make your sofa more inviting, add colorful cheery decorative pillows and a warm blanket. To keep your living tidy and organized when it’s not in use, tuck away blankets in storage baskets or coffee tables with hidden storage sections.  

Inspired by Hygge Style - How To Create a Cozy Home for Fall - Reading Nook

Reading Nook

One of the concepts behind a hygge style home is to enjoy the simple things in life. Whether you have a dedicated chair in the corner of a room or a comfortable window seat, a reading nook always invites you to relax and unwind with a good book. To make the most of this little space, add plush accessories like a faux-fur throw, a tray (for coffee or tea), and a few comfortable pillows that encourage you to lounge around for a while.

Inspired by Hygge Style - How To Create a Cozy Home for Fall - Bedroom


To encourage a deep restful sleep, a cozy bedroom with comfortable bedding is a must-have for any hygge home. When choosing your bedding, opt for quality fabrics in a soothing color palette. Colors like gray, white, pastel blue and green are ideal for bedrooms as they have a calming effect. In addition, keep your bedroom clutter-free, to help your mind relax. Using storage baskets and space-saving furniture will help you keep your items organized, tidy, and tucked-away when not being used. 

Inspired by Hygge Style - How To Create a Cozy Home for Fall - Dining Room

Dining Room

To encourage your guests to unwind and enjoy themselves in your hygge home, creating a tablescape that’s both warm and inviting is the way to go. Using a variety of linens (such as a table runner, placemat, and napkins) adds visual interest and texture to your dining table. Instead of fresh flowers (which often gets costly), opt for potted plants to add greenery and vibrancy to your table. Of course, lit candles create ambiance and add a cozy vibe.

Inspired by Hygge Style - How To Create a Cozy Home for Fall - Home Office

Home Office

To keep you inspired while working, a hygge home office is a must-have for any dwelling. To make this space more inviting, add a pillow to your chair (for added comfort), use cheery storage bins to keep your belongings organized, and keep your desk clutter-free and organized by using coordinating desk accessories

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