As we move into Spring, we often feel the urge to redecorate and change up the look of our home. Without committing to a major renovation, by incorporating small changes, we can dramatically refresh our homes for Spring.

How To Refresh Your Home for Spring

To help you find interior inspiration, today’s home decorating guide shares expert advice from interior design pros on 7 simple ways to refresh your home for Spring.

Home Decorating Guide - Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home for Spring

Christopher Grubb, President of Arch-Interiors Design Group in Beverly Hills, California shares the following home decorating tips that will update and refresh your home for Spring.

Use slipcovers

If you’ve had your sofas or side chairs the same for years, you can find affordable slipcovers that are easy to maintain. This is a way to make a big change in your home without the cost to actually reupholster. Plus, they can be washed and dried. 

Pick a color scheme and accent

It’s amazing how also adding a few pieces scattered in the room give the effect you have re-designed the space. Pick a few of your favorite colors creating your scheme and go! 

Incorporate pattern

Find a great pattern for throw pillows and then compliment it with solid colors on pillows or accessories. This is especially effective in the living room, family room or bedroom.

Add a colorful accent wall

Maybe it’s time to paint an accent wall of color! This works in any room and one can do it on their own with paint from a local store. I prefer two adjoining walls of color because they give a sense of hugging you in color. 

Home Decorating Guide - Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home for Spring

Sacha Nizami, the proprietor of Sacha Nizami Design, loves incorporating color and seasonal accents into homes to bring vibrancy and a refreshed look. She shares the following design tips.

Makeover your front door

Welcome Spring by creating an inviting look to the front of your home. Paint your front door a deep grey with a hint of blue. Change out the welcome mat, add large quantities of one type of flower (forsythia branches, for example) in oversized urns for a modern touch. Add an egg wreath to the front door or several matching wreaths on the windows of your home. 

Add an area rug

It’s time to pull up the heavy wool rug and send it out for cleaning! Throw down a cotton twill in a bold stripe or try a neutral sisal with a colourful border/binding that works with your new throw pillows and fabrics. 

Use seasonal decór

Create a spring tablescape! Stack colourful objects like painted boxes or coloured glass bowls. Group unusual planters like egg cups with potted baby’s tears or ferns. Change out picture frames to brightly coloured wood frames. 

For more inspiring interior decorating tips and ideas, check out the Home Decorating section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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