Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home that has a built-in bookshelf, it’s definitely worth the effort to create a beautiful and inspiring display that goes way beyond books. Not only are bookshelves a great way to organize and store your belongings, they also enable you to easily create a visual presentation of your most beloved memories and experiences.

How To Style A Bookshelf

Before you jump into organizing your bookshelf, read through this handy home decor guide to learn tips on how to style a bookshelf.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

The challenge that most people encounter when styling a bookshelf is figuring out what to put on their bookshelf, and how to organize their belonging. While you don’t want to have a barren bookshelf (that lacks personality and style), the last thing you want is a cluttered bookshelf, as that makes your home look messy and unorganized.

An easy way to start is to group similar items (like the vintage and modern technology and decorative accessories shown above) or complementary colors (like earth-tones and neutrals or bold, vibrant hues) together, to create a sense of unity and cohesion.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

Another key to creating a fabulous bookshelf display is to make each item its own unique focal point. An easy way to do this is to give each item enough “breathing room” on the shelf. Don’t cram pieces together; rather, give each piece at least a few inches of space between the next item.

To prevent the feeling of stagnation, items (like the contemporary picture frame above) can also be angled in toward the center pieces on the bookshelf to add visual interest, and to make the pieces come together in a pleasing manner.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

A fun way to mix the old and the new is to incorporate pieces from different eras. Modern sculptures (like the wooden vase above) placed adjacent to classic artwork (like the above Paris street scene painting) create a striking juxtaposition.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

Ambient lighting always ups the appeal of any bookshelf. That’s where candle holders are an easy and affordable way to add lighting to any bookshelf.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

Since your bookshelf should reflect your personality and experiences, make sure to throw in a fun-filled photo album that guests can browse through. Include pictures of your favorite vacations, special momentos (like concert tickets) and other souvenirs that you’ve collected along your journey.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

Because your bookshelf is a unique collection of your personal experiences and memories, it should always feature enchanting items (like novel childhood toys) and photos that inspire you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventures (like the photo above after we took a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley) are a perfect way to capture special moments in time, while reminding you to always view life as an exciting journey.

Home Decor Guide: How To Style a Bookshelf

Last, but certainly not least, are the books. The books that you feature on your bookshelf should be a compilation of hobbies and interests that you love. From music and food to home decor and style, neatly stack a mixture of interesting coffee table books, collectors edition magazines, and classic books.

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