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Hairstyle Tutorial A Chic and Effortless Updo with Goody

With so many special occasions coming up this season (like weddings, birthdays, and vacations), it’s a great time to play around with different hairstyles. Since Spring and Summer often means hot, humid weather, doing an updo is not only a feminine, elegant hairstyle that dresses up any ensemble, it’s also a convenient way to stay cool.

From Messy Top Knots to French Chignons, updos range from casual to sophisticated hairstyles. More often than not, though, doing an updo requires an (expensive) trip to the hairstylist. That’s where the effortless and chic high ponytail comes in handy.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

In collaboration with Goody, today’s easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorial shows how to do a sweet and playful high ponytail that’s perfect to wear for Spring and Summer events.

How To Do a Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

What makes this look a bit more sophisticated than the average ponytail (you’d wear to the gym) is that it has hair wrapped around the ponytail holder, making it look fancier than usual.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 1: After washing your hair, blow-dry until smooth.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 2: Using the Goody® Clean Radiance™ Paddle Brush, brush the hair from roots to ends, making sure hair is smooth and tangle-free.

This particular hairbrush uses copper bristles, which helps to reduce natural buildup that is produced over time* (*Results based on consumer usage and perception study.). Less buildup in hair will leave hair looking healthier and more radiant. Plus, it has a flexible cushion pad for added comfort when brushing.

TIP: Brush hair 2-3 times per day or more for maximum benefit. For best results, use on dry hair. Do not use with blow dryer as copper bristles may get hot.

Hairstyle Tutorial - Chic and Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 3: Brush your hair into a high ponytail. Make sure to gather all the hair tightly on to the top of your head. This not only accentuates your bone structure (which makes your face look more chiseled). it also pulls the skin on your face a bit more taut (which adds a youthful look to your appearance). Brush the hair until it’s completely bump-free.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 4: Gather your hair into a tight, high ponytail, and wrap it tightly at the base with one of the Goody 30 CT Black SlideProof Silicone Ponytailers (if you have light-colored hair, use the Goody 30 CT Clear SlideProof Silicone Ponytailers instead). These ponytailers are durable enough to keep any hairstyle in place, but flexible enough to work with, even if you have thick or unmanageable hair.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 5: Take a small (1/2″) piece of hair from the ponytail, and wrap it around the ponytailer a few times (to conceal it).

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 6: Tuck the end of the 1/2″ piece of hair into the elastic ponytailer, ensuring that it’s not visible.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

STEP 7: Using a wide barrel curling iron, curl 1″ sections of your ponytail, each for about 10 seconds on medium heat. Instead of creating perfect tendrils, the purpose of curling the ponytail is to add body and fullness.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

For this look, you’ll want to tousle your hair (to make the ponytail look voluminous), rather than having perfectly curled strands. To do this, gently rake your hands through your ponytail after curling, to help soften the curls and add fullness.

Hairstyle Tutorial: A Chic & Effortless Updo with Goody

Whether you’re heading to a garden wedding or a romantic dinner date, a high ponytail is always a cute and stylish hairstyle that makes you look youthful and feminine. When it’s this easy to do, you can look effortlessly chic every day, no matter what the occasion is.

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