Jewelry Trends Anjolee Diamond Earrings

Mixing metals like gold and silver and layering of necklaces and bracelets were all the rage in 2011. Big, bold and chunky pieces also made it big that year and are continuing to throw their weight around this year. The spring of 2012 ushered in classic pieces, which include timeless diamonds. Although the green leaves of summer starts to turn gold, green remains to be in as the forthcoming fashion season celebrates nature by featuring natural pieces. We’re talking about sustainability and crude, salvaged pieces that span the classic-to-quirky continuum. Wondering how these natural pieces look like, here’s a list of the top five jewelry trends this fall:

5. The Glitzy Wedding Jewelry

Let’s start the countdown by helping fall brides decide on how to accessorize their wedding dresses. There is no doubt that diamonds are a cornerstone in weddings. Matching diamond engagement and wedding rings remain to be elegant and timeless. Its timelessness is an assurance that when you celebrate your silver or golden wedding anniversary, the classy appeal of diamond jewelry would still be very much in vogue. This season, the brilliant sparkle of your wedding and engagement rings shares the limelight with colorful and flamboyant accessories, such as those used in India. A piece of wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids can be a palette of colors in an assortment of hues.

Jewelry Trends Anjolee Diamond Ring

4. Something Blue

Blue is singled out in weddings. The bride must have something blue in her ensemble. But this season, blue is a fashion must-have even for accessories, wedding or no wedding. You can find that shade of blue that matches your skin tone: aqua, navy, azure, turquoise, take your pick! Also keep in mind what can go with blue, like purple and green, as well as colors that can make a dramatic contrast, such as yellows.

Jewelry Trends Anjolee Diamond and Sapphire Ring

3. The Cross’ Resurrection

Earlier we mentioned that recycled pieces are smokin’ this fall. Well, time to dig out that cross pendant you may have kept in your drawers as this classic piece makes a comeback. Big, small, bold, simple or studded with Swarovski or diamonds, they can be anything as long as they form that intersection and punctuate your style. Crosses can also be worn as part of earrings and other jewelry pieces.

2. Geode Jewelry Rocks!

Geodes are raw globular masses that have minerals, such as quarts and pyrite, lodged at their centers. The crudeness of geodes gives jewelry pieces embellished with these rocks a remarkably natural and exotic look. They have been used to accentuate home decors for years, and only found their way into earrings, rings and pendants these past few years. If you want to rock an edgy Fall 2012 look, geodes is the way to go!

1. Jewels of the Future

Wanna stay ahead of the fashion pack? Consider punctuating your outfits with futuristic jewels. These modern pieces are gaining grounds among fashion visionaries and radicals. You can see them engineered in future-inspired shapes and designs using an array of materials including stone, plastic and heavy metals. As certain as the coming of the future, this jewelry fashion trend will no doubt continue to make a headway into what lies ahead in the fashion world.

Now that you know the hottest jewelry and accessories trends this fall, it’s now time to choose that outfit, complement with the latest accessories, and flaunt that look that’s as fabulous as the days of autumn.

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