Winter Jewelry Trends

Fabulous Winter Jewelry Trends

Treat yourself after the Holidays to This Winter’s Most Popular Jewelry

At the start of the year, the jewelry industry is still riding out the high demand for bold, chunky and attention-getting pieces to make a statement. The more fashion rings, big necklaces and arm candy parties, the better; one day soon, we may be advised to start planning our outfits around our accessories instead of the other way around!

Mixing vivid hues will continue to be a popular winter jewelry trend as we move into the second half of winter, but pairing different metals and materials has also broadened ladies’ possibilities for accessorizing.

Forget fine jewelry with crystals and diamonds other solid colored gems; save those for only the most formal of occasions. Instead, the real interest lies in unique and colorful stones, vintage and estate pieces and handmade designs, all of which can be easily found online.

Winter Jewelry Trends – Accessorize with Alternative Materials

If you don’t have wooden or turquoise jewelry pieces already incorporated into your collection, you’re missing out. These are especially great for completing a boho chic look on casual days, but are interesting accessories for business casual ensembles as well.

Wooden necklaces and pendants, bangles and earring studs somehow always give off a vibe of being one-of-a-kind and handmade, regardless of where they are produced – especially if they’re created in association with National Geographic, like these cool pieces from Novica. Wooden watches have been sneaking into tons of national stores, too, and make awesome conversation pieces.

Jazz up your solid gold or sterling silver bracelets with additional turquoise pieces like these jewelry pieces from Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, or other colorful bangles and charms that are guaranteed to be eye catching.

Sometimes the most attractive jewelry can be created out of eccentric products, as proof by numerous sellers on Etsy. For other alternative and vintage items, scour eBay and garage sales for what often become the best finds and most well-made pieces.

Winter Jewelry Trends – Accessorize with Unconventional Structures

All of that mixing and matching of accessories won’t quite if you’re layering too many items in the same place. Instead of a fist full of silver and gold at the base of each finger, smaller, skinny rings are now being styled to sit above the knuckle, called midi rings. And while this daintiness leaves super large cocktail rings out of commission, bold fashion rings are still very much a part of the statement; as are stackable rings, which can sit either at the base or at the midi level.

This building block trend extends beyond the hands and wrists (see also: wrap watches) to include necklaces and earrings as well. If you have ear piercings on your outer lobe, cuff pieces are stunningly attracting and link together your lobe and cartilage or helix piercings with a chain. Even if you have just a traditional ear piercing, ear sweeps are longer earrings designed to crawls across your full lobe, giving the perception of having more than one earring hole.

The gaudiest of all accessories this winter, however, are the necklaces. Gone are the days of layering shorter and longer length chains; these have been replaced with accent necklaces, created with large shapes and bold, bright colors in designs, some of which are ambitious enough to cover your entire chest plate. The name of the game is “eye-catching”, “striking”, and “attention-grabbing”: this season, don’t make your jewelry an embellishment. Make it the main attraction.

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Guest Post Written by Julia Kerr, a jewelry junkie and lifestyle blogger from New Jersey.

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