Fall 2013 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2013 Jewelry Trends


Fashion forecasters are predicting that bold accessories, such as over-sized chokers, flamboyant earrings, and broad wrist cuffs will dominate the fashion scene in 2013. Besides large pieces, expect to see jewelry items so outrageous that they will easily be the centerpiece of any outfit. In addition to elaborate pieces unusual ornamentation, colorful stones are also major jewelry trends that will be popular over the next few seasons. In addition, trendsetters will be wearing antiquated jeweled pieces or accessories with a vintage twist. Whether you rock a gaggle of brightly-colored, jeweled bracelets or a vintage cameo, you’re sure to find standout items suitable for your individual style this season.

Fall Jewelry Trends – Accessorize with Color

This year, accessories are mimicking clothing trends by using an array of vibrant colors. Radiant and chocked full of brilliant, spunky colors, 2013’s jewelry trends feature fabulous, gems like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, which pair perfectly with the bold colors highlighted on the runways. If your look is edgier, combine your brazen, brightly-colored clothing items with simpler, staple pieces of jewelry, like a basic necklace or simple, diamond stud earrings in a one of this season’s hot colors. Peruse 77Diamonds for a range of colored diamond jewelry. Much like the colorful jewelry trend, fashionistas will be sporting jeweled accessories matching the vintage wares that will be a hit this fall. These antiquated pieces range from the outrageous to the sophisticated and can be easily incorporated in a casual look like jeans, a dainty blouse with a Peter Pan collar, and a blazer or with something more formal such as a black, tea length dress. If you want to introduce vintage pieces in your look, but don’t want to look like you just stepped off the set of Mad Men, integrate simple, classic jewelry items like a basic locket on a long gold chain or dramatic brooch. The best thing about the vintage jewelry trend is that many of these antique pieces can be found in thrift shops, flea markets, or in your mother’s jewelry box.

Fall Jewelry Trends – Accessorize with a Tribal Vibe

The boho style that’s been trending for some time now may have met its eccentric match in the new tribal/jungle-inspired trend for the fall. With intricate details and uncommon ornamentation, the tribal trend features a number of looks from wild, animal prints to conservative, colonial-influenced pieces in solid khaki or navy. Accessories, such as handbags and scarves, with a jungle-themed pattern par well with rustic jewelry pieces like wrist cuffs in tarnished metals, feather earrings, or a gold-plated necklace. Jewelry designers have also incorporated earthy, jungle prints in their jeweled designs with pieces like bracelets bearing a variety of animal prints. Since piling on the arm candy is another big jewelry trend this year, don’t be afraid to up the ante by adding a bevy of tribal-esque bracelets or a wrist full of colorful bangles. This trend can also be blended with 2013’s other jewelry trends for instance, add a vintage brooch to a military jacket inspired by the British Colonial era.

Guest Post Written By Kennedy Marshall, a fashion blogger and stylist who lives in Los Angeles.

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