myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

Love creative projects, like home decorating and organizing? Could you spend countless hours browsing through inspirational images, imagining what your dream home would look like? And what if that virtual dream space could serve as something useful, like a place to collect and organize all your favorite spots on the web?

Well, that place exists! It’s called

What is myWebRoom?

Created to be a sort of “Polyvore meets Pinterest, yet so much more”, the myWebRoom system enables you to become a virtual interior designer by providing easy, user-friendly tools that help you create an online space that reflects your personal style and aesthetic.

From contemporary and dramatic home decor themes to vintage and shabby chic styles, the possibilities are endless as to the type of “room” you can design on myWebRoom.

myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

What Makes myWebRoom Interesting?

In addition to the easy-to-use suite of tools and the ample database of shoppable home decor products (like sofas, cabinetry, decorative artwork, picture frames, etc.) from a wide variety of online retailers, the site also has a social networking component.

But that’s not all! myWebRoom also lets you bookmark your favorite sites (from fashion retailers to magazines). The clever and unique way that myWebRoom enables you to access your bookmarks (by category or topic) is to simply click on the images or products featured in your “room”.

Using the above image as an example, if you clicked on the purple wall map (above the sofa), a window would appear on your screen, giving you immediate access to your saved bookmarks for Travel Websites (like Travel & Leisure, Expedia, etc.).

myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

How myWebRoom Works

After creating a user profile (check out the Inspirations & Celebrations’ profile) and designing a “room”, you can connect with other myWebRoom users in the system, by becoming “roommates” with them.

Get inspired by other people’s designs by visiting the Style Gallery, and showcase your finished designs there as well. It’s a world within a world brimming with creativity, imagination, and beauty!

myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

When you begin using the myWebRoom Designer Tools, you’ll start by choosing a decor theme you like. Keep in mind that the system requires you to use a desktop computer. The site is not currently available as a mobile app or on tablets.

As featured here, for my first “room”, I chose the background of an elegant and feminine French Country inspired look (as that reflects my favorite style of decor).

For my design, I incorporated romantic, eye-catching elements (like abstract floral artwork and a glamorous crystal chandelier) into the space. In addition, inviting, cozy extras like a plush tufted sofa, classic cream-colored furnishings, and a few well-appointed feminine accents (like the pink side table and area rugs) made the whole “room” feel cohesive and beautiful.

myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

While using the Designer Tools, you decide which specific items (furniture, rugs, wall art, etc.) you want in the room by browsing through hundreds of product options (as shown above).

The system also enables you to choose a variety of products aside from home decor basics, including fun novelty and personal items (like fashion accessories and even the type of animal you’d love to have).

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, visit myWebRoom’s Creative Minds Room. There you’ll find access to over 300 resources for artistic inspiration. The myWebRoom team scoured the web to curate this collection of inspiring resources, ranging from photography blogs and sites (like 500px) to art and design-oriented websites (like Designspiration), and so much more.

myWebRoom Interior Design and Bookmarking Site

If you’re seeking a fun new way to explore your creativity, then you’ll enjoy playing with the tools on Not to mention, it’s a great way to bookmark all your favorite sites in virtual place that truly reflects the essence of you.


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[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by myWebRoom. While I was compensated to write a post about myWebRoom, all opinions are my own.]

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