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Whether you’re frustrated with having dry, damaged hair or are tired of dealing with frizziness or flyaways, making your hair look shinier and healthier is actually easier than you might think.

To help your locks look more lustrous and feel more manageable, in collaboration with Cococare (one of the most affordable, high-quality argan oils I’ve found), today’s beauty guide shares 5 natural ways to make hair look shinier and healthier.

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

If you’ve been spending your Summer outdoors, in a swimming pool or at the beach, or have even damaged it through over-styling or processing, you need some major damage control. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair (like me), you’re even more susceptible to dryness, frizziness, and damage. To have gorgeous, shiny locks, it’s essential to take care of your hair with beauty-boosting products and damage-minimizing hairstyling techniques. 

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

Step 1: Do an Overnight Treatment

I’ve learned my lesson of over-styling my hair so much that it constantly looked dry and frizzy. I quickly realized that the fastest way for me to get my hair back into shape was to do a weekly overnight treatment using hair oil, which worked wonders!

Often touted as “liquid gold”, Cococare argan oil is a natural nutrient-rich oil that makes hair look shinier and skin feel hydrated. As it contains Vitamin E and fatty acids, it provides hair with the essential emollients it needs to look and feel healthy.

Before going to bed, apply the oil from roots to tips and wrap up in a shower cap. In the morning, wash hair as normal. After a couple weeks of regularly doing this overnight treatment, you’ll see a huge improvement in the condition of your hair. 

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

Step 2: Air Dry Hair

To help repair damaged hair, it’s often best to let it air dry (rather than using heat-styling tools). Since the beachy, mermaid-inspired look is in style right now, why not go for a fuss-free hairstyle that’s easy to do?!

When you get out of the shower, apply a bit of argan oil to damp hair and detangle with a wide-tooth comb. Gently pat hair dry with a towel (to absorb extra moisture), then scrunch with fingers until you get a naturally-wavy look.

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

Step 3: Use an Ionic Hairdryer

On days when you need a more coiffed hairstyle, opt for an ionic hairdryer. These types of hairdryers are designed to help smooth the hair cuticle, helping it lay flat (which gives it a shinier appearance when the light hits your hair). Plus, whenever possible, blow-dry on a cool or low heat, which is less damaging to hair. While it will take longer to dry your hair, your hair will look better (for the long-run) as a result.

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

Step 4: Do a Leave-in Treatment

When styling your hair, always apply a hydrating leave-in treatment, such as argan oil. This helps to protect and nourish hair while helping to control split-ends, prevent frizz, and boost sheen. A little bit of argan oil goes a long way, so only use a few drops as needed. Focus on applying from mid-shaft to tips, as this is the area of hair that often shows the most visible signs of damage. 

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

Step 5: Get a Haircut

When all else fails, get a haircut. Regularly trimming your hair helps to minimize split ends by cutting off damaged hair. Book a quarterly appointment with your hair salon for a trim. 

By implementing these 5 techniques into your hair care routine, you’ll start to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance and condition of your hair. When you take care of your hair, you see visible results. 

5 Natural Ways to Make Hair Look Shinier and Healthier

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Every woman can agree, there’s nothing like a great hair day to boost one’s self-confidence. 

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