How To Shape Eyebrows

If the eyes are called the ‘windows to the soul’, then the eyebrows are the window frames. When it comes to make-up application, eyebrows are an often overlooked part of the face (by most women). But, if they only knew how important this facial feature really was! A well-sculpted and defined eyebrow can change the overall look of a person’s face, with minimal effort. Featured here are three easy to follow instructions for how to shape eyebrows.

1. Start by lightly filling in your brows using an eyebrow pencil that is slightly lighter than the color of your eyebrow hairs (you wouldn’t want to end up looking like Groucho Marx, would you?!). Short, light upward strokes are best, especially for filling-in sparse areas. Since a lot of brown or taupe eyebrow pencils seem to have an orange tint (when applied), you might need to test a few different brands and colors to find the best match. After years of trial and error, I found a self-sharpening pencil by Estee Lauder that has become my personal favorite, since it’s long-wearing and truly a great taupe hue.

2. To ensure greater longevity (over the course of a busy day, or in humid weather), next apply a neutral colored matte eyeshadow in a similar shade, using an angled brow brush. This will help blur the eyebrow pencil, creating a softer, more natural look. In addition, the powder acts as a ‘setting powder’ for your brows, helping the color stay on throughout the day.

3. As a final touch, apply either a clear mascara or a colored brow gel. This will help keep stray brows in place, and create a finished look.

Voila! In three easy steps, you’ve created defined eyebrows that will help balance your facial features, and make your eyes more noticeable.

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