If eyes are like the windows to the soul, then you could say that eyebrows are the curtains. An often overlooked part of the face, lately eyebrows have been getting a lot of recognition and acclaim (thanks to Supermodel Cara Delevingne and Actress Lily Collins). From tweezing to defining, if you want perfect eyebrows, this easy-to-follow beauty Continue Reading
If the eyes are called the ‘windows to the soul’, then the eyebrows are the window frames. When it comes to make-up application, eyebrows are an often overlooked part of the face (by most women). But, if they only knew how important this facial feature really was! A well-sculpted and defined eyebrow can change the […]
The eyebrow is the single facial feature that can easily transform a person’s face and create a more beautiful look, all with proper shaping and maintenance. Although there are eyebrow trends (from fuller brows to sculpted ones) that come and go, the naturally-refined eyebrow shape is always in style. When your eyebrows look Continue Reading