Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream - Beauty Product Review

Any woman who’s short on time, but wants to look her best, needs a multi-tasking beauty product that’s easy-to-use and truly effective. That’s where BB Creams (aka Beauty Balms) come in handy! Over the past couple years, BB Creams have become one of the most popular beauty products on the market; but not all BB Creams are created equal. Featured here is my Beauty Product Review of the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream.

Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream

The company that produces the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream focuses on creating products that help fight the aging process, in an effort to preserve youthful, beautiful skin. Their beauty and skincare products have even been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, the LA Times and Fitness Magazine.

The company explains that “BB Cream acts as an all-in-one product with cosmetic beauty and skincare benefits. This perfecting multi-functional cream can act as a foundation, concealer, sunblock, and moisturizer all at once BB cream was initially formulated and used by dermatologists to help patients who received laser surgery protect, soothe and refine their sensitive skin while also providing them with a light coverage for post-laser scars, acne, and other skin imperfections.”

Since the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream contains several powerful ingredients (including Vitamin C for brightening and UVA/UVB SPF 40 for sun protection), it acts as both a skincare treatment and face makeup in one step.

It is easy to apply, goes on with a smooth, velvety consistency, and provides medium-coverage. It conceals all your trouble spots (like acne and dark circles), without looking or feeling heavy or cakey. In addition, it has a mattifying effect; whereas, other BB Creams on the market leave you looking greasy or shiny. This is especially important during hot, humid summer weather.

While most foundation melts into your pores after several hours, the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream lasts all day – making your face look flawless from morning until night. Overall, I was quite pleased with the results.

The company states that the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream has the following benefits:

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and overall skin aging as it visibly firms and lifts; make skin instantly look flawless and more youthful
  • Contains a potent antioxidant to reduce free radical damage in the skin
  • Evens out skin tone and visibly brightens dullness and discoloration with active Vitamin C and an advanced encapsulated peptide
  • Contains a special blend of plant extracts to help calm and sooth irritated skin
  • Shields the skin with powerful broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 40
  • Hides uneven skin tone and minimizes the appearance of imperfections
  • A perfecting cream designed to visibly firm and lift the skin, brighten, moisturize and protect
  • Works perfectly under foundation, or all on its own
  • Contains a highly effective level of Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C help stimulate collagen used during the skin’s own regenerative process

Disclaimer: As an iFabbo Member, I was provided a sample of the Hydroxatone Anti Aging BB Cream for the purpose of testing and reviewing this product. All opinions are mine. 


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